MTE Application

Mental Training Entrepreneur Applicant,

(This is part 1 of 2 steps.)

First, take this written assessment. This 1st part of the application should take you about 5-10 minutes or so. Please take your time and answer with your heart. If the questions challenge you, good! Know that the purpose of this exercise it to ensure your inner dreams for your life align with this groups mission. 

The 2nd part of the application is to do a video (on your phone is fine- no need to make this perfect) answering a few questions that will go a little deeper. Please don't be intimidated by this, its simply a more effective way for me to get to know you than simply reading your answers.

You'll be getting an email from me directly with directions for part 2 after you finish part 1. Please make sure to look out for this email (it may go to your promotions tab). 

After you complete both parts of the application, and we feel you are a great fit for the program, someone will contact you with how to set up a call with me. 

Keep in mind this application is not a test, its to ensure the program is a good fit for you and vice versa. It's important that we make sure of this ahead of time. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out [email protected]




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Question 1 of 17

What is your name, phone number and email address?

Question 2 of 17

Website (if you have one)

Question 3 of 17

Tell me a little bit about you and your background?

Question 4 of 17

Do you have an existing business that makes money? If so, tell me about it including revenue and number of clients?

Question 5 of 17

Do you feel called to do this work?




Sort of


No, but it interests me.

Question 6 of 17

How much money do you want to make each month in the next year?

Question 7 of 17

What's the most important goal you have right now?

Question 8 of 17

What do you feel is holding you back from achieving your goals?

Question 9 of 17

What are you struggling with most in your career at this time? What keeps you up at night?

Question 10 of 17

On a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how important is it for you to reach the goals you have shared on this application?

Question 11 of 17

If we are a right fit to work together, I want you to be you be the next success story. What do you "bring to the table"? Why do you think we would be a good fit?

Question 12 of 17

If we decide that this is a good fit and I am selected, I can find a way to invest in my future with NO EXCUSES, just a focus on getting big results in 2018:


I have the necessary financial resources to invest in developing an unstoppable mindset and a proven business strategy for success in my business.


I have the ability to get the necessary financial resources to invest in my growth. I will find a way.


I have absolutely no financial resources available to do anything different than I'm already doing. I’m going to continue on the current path.

Question 13 of 17

The investment for this program to work closely with Lindsey in a small, high-level group is $9,500 for 9 months (payment plans available). Are you ready to invest on the call?


YES. I have $9500 to invest.


YES. I have $1,120 to invest (and 8 additional monthly payments of $1,120)



Question 14 of 17

Do you need to speak to a spouse first before making a high level investment?

Question 15 of 17

I understand that if accepted, I’ll be on a call with Lindsey to see if we are a good fit to work together in the The Mental Training Entrepreneur Bootcamp, which is a 9 month experience. Are you ready to invest at this level at this time?


Yes, I understand and I'm interested in possibly joining The Mental Training Entreprenuer Bootcamp


I am not ready to invest in myself or my business at this time and I'm just curious

Question 16 of 17

Is there anything else I should know about you?

Question 17 of 17

When can we expect your 2 minute video?


I'm going to do it RIGHT NOW!


Within the hour


By End of Day


In the next 24 hours (or so)


I'm not sure.

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