Mark Ehlen: From Sitting on the Sidelines to Ready to Influence the World


I'm sure we can agree that nothing is quite as impactful as a good TRUE story of a life changed for the better. Today, I want to tell you about Mark Ehlen; he's one of the coaches in the Mindset Coach Academy who will be graduating with his Mindset Coach Certification (along with his class) in just a couple weeks. 

Mark's basketball resume is impressive, he is a heavily awarded, 30-year Division I college coach with a reputation for winning (to put it lightly). Due to his noteworthy coaching career, Mark was also inducted into the Hall of Fame; an honor well-deserved. Although he hung up his head coaching whistle a few years ago when he retired, coaching was never just a career for Mark; coaching is deeply engrained in him. 

With a lifetime of knowledge about the game of basketball and a deep respect for the mental game, a traditional retirement story arc never quite suited Mark. As he puts it: "I'm 65, this is my third act!" 

When we first met Mark, he told us that the reason he applied to be in the Mindset Coach Academy was because he had a nagging voice in his head that told him that he was far from finished. In short, Mark knew that although he was retired, he had much more to offer. 

In the video above, Mark talks about his personal journey and highlights how the Mindset Coach Certification provided him with the tools to overcome his personal self-limiting tendencies. During his morning mindset routine, he talks about how he tells himself, "I am the only one standing in my own way" as a way to empower him to REALLY show up for himself every day. Mark also talks about the transformation he's gone through since retiring a few years ago, what it was like to resurrect from retirement, and the role the Mindset Coach Certification has played in his vision of the future. 

Mark's story is truly inspirational, and we are thrilled for him and all the lives he will impact. He is graduating from the Mindset Coach Certification with tools to help his clients master their mindsets, a personal routine established to master his own, and a clear strategy to define and claim his role as a Certified Mindset Coach and Business Owner in this next chapter. 

Watch his full video interview above and check out the Mindset Coach Certification to learn more about what you could gain from becoming certified. 


Note: We are accepting applications for the Mindset Coach Certification this Fall, 2020. To be the first to know about this upcoming 4-month hands-on certification course, put your name on our waitlist. Those on our waitlist will be the first to know details. 


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