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4 Tips For Improving Performance With Sleep

It's no secret that sleep is one of the most important factors in staying healthy, focused, and high-performing. But do you know just how impactful a good night's sleep can really be? For more insight on the importance of sleep and how it affects performance, click the link to visit our blog examining a sleep study from Stanford University. Keep reading for sleep expert, Pat Byrne's...

4 Simple Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Sleep

  1. Make your room DARK! If you can hold your hand up within a foot of your face and you can still see your hand, your room is not dark enough. Melatonin is released when it’s dark (melatonin is the hormone that induces sleep). Wear a sleep mask or get black-out shades.
  2. Limit noise by wearing earplugs.
  3. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.  You can teach your body when it's time to rest, and sleep more deeply through the night by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.
  4. Limit blue light from phones, TVs, and computer screens. Don't bring your screen into bed with you. It takes your brain 30-60 minutes to process the blue light and start releasing melatonin.


So there you have it! Try these tips and report back to let us know how you feel. By following these tips, you should see an improvement in performance, focus, mood, and energy levels.

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