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Meredith Brick: How one Coach Redefined her Business and Raised her Prices 400%


Since we met Meredith nearly 4 months ago, she has transformed, personally and professionally. 

As an 8th Grade Science teacher, Head Coach of a High School Girl's Soccer team, and Assistant Coach of the Boy's Soccer Team, Meredith already had a lot on her plate when she heard about the Mindset Coach Certification; her resources were stretched thin.

Before she began the program, Meredith talked to us about her hesitation surrounding the financial investment. As a recent newlywed, she didn't know if she could afford it.

Ultimately, her passion for mindset coaching outweighed her fears, and she made the necessary sacrifices to invest in her future as a mindset coach and entrepreneur, even though it meant compromising the location of their honeymoon.

Meredith had the perfect combination of fear and hope that lit the fire under her to pursue becoming a Certified Mindset Coach and thrive as a student in the Mindset Coach Academy

Meredith is the proud owner of what was once called Brick Wall Goalkeeping and is now called Brick Wall Training (to include a wider demographic of soccer skills and mental skills training). 

In this video interview, Meredith reflects on her journey and admits that she had a lot of work to do on her own mindset around building a business and staying focused on the bigger picture. When we asked Meredith about what she gained from the Mindset Coach Academy, the word that kept coming up was CONFIDENCE.  

  • Confidence to invest in herself and her future.
  • Confidence to elevate her prices (400%!) to reflect the true value of her training.
  • Confidence to grow and develop her own mindset. 
  • Confidence to know that she has the education, resources, and framework necessary to impact lives and build her dream business. 

Meredith's story is a familiar one: A high school coach who wants to impact her athletes on a deeper level, but that doesn't make it any less extraordinary. Her story of overcoming her own mental blocks, time, energy, and financial constraints, is an inspiration to all of us and an example of mental training in action. We are thrilled for her as she grows Brick Wall Training and impacts students with mental and skills training that will change their lives both on and off the field. 

Meredith is graduating from the Mindset Coach Certification with tools to help her athletes and clients master their mindsets, a personal routine established to master her own, and a clear vision for her future.

Watch her full video interview above and check out the Mindset Coach Certification to learn more about what you could gain from becoming certified. 

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