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How to Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve.


Note: This video was originally posted on the new year in 2019, but the text has been altered for 2020.  

I LOVE the New Year. Rationally, I know that it’s just another day, but in my heart, it helps me to stop to reflect on my life and give hope to my dreams. As with most New Years, I’ve taken time off, basked in some good vacation and family time, and now I’m ready to get to WORK.

2020is going to be huge for me and for Positive Performance. I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now absolutely freaking PUMPED about this year (and it’s not just the coffee:)

But I also know that when I feel that excitement I have to manifest that energy it into something ACTIONABLE (i.e. a plan). From a mindset perspective I also do one very important (albeit counterintuitive) thing: 

I LET GO of goals.

So often we write goals and let them linger on the back burner for the magical ‘someday/some year’ land. We not only fail to move forward in achieving those goals, we also waste energy feeling bad about them and let that guilt and negative energy drag us down.

Sometimes goal setting is more about letting GO of goals than of setting them.

After all, we can only realistically focus on so many things. We MUST prioritize what is most important. Writing down the same 19 goals every year and barely moving them forward is not the best approach.

For some of you, 2020 might be the year you become a mindset coach. It might also be the year you let that goal go.

It might be the 5 pounds you keep telling yourself you are going to lose, or you might realize your weight is just fine and your energy could be better spent on other things.

Maybe it's the year you want to do something BRAVE that you’ve wanted to do for awhile. Go abroad, change careers, make a big purchase... Or not. 

Because... to accomplish ANYTHING we have to keep our energy, our vibration, HIGH. And you cannot keep your energy high if you feel guilty about some goal you aren’t really serious about accomplishing. 

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about keeping a goal or letting it go:

  • When you really think about the goal do you get energized or depleted?
  • Do you have a plan (or can you come up with a plan) to accomplish it?
  • Have you considered the roadblocks you’ll face, are you ready to face them?
  • Do you have support (or can you get support) to help you achieve this goal?
  • Is it realistic?
  • How is your energy around this goal in general?
  • Is it truly something YOU want? Not your spouse, not society, not your family.

Letting go of a goal is not easy. Sometimes, it makes us feel like a failure. But here's the truth:

Letting go of a goal is not quitting, it’s prioritizing.

It’s about working within our natural limitations of focus and motivation and understanding how our brains work- No better and no worse than any other human on the planet.

As some say: S***, or get off the pot. It’s not about saying NO to your goal, it’s about saying ‘Hell, YES’ to the ones you really care about.

As you set your goals for 2020, what goal do you need to let go of? 

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Whatever your big goals, I'm rooting for you this year!

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