ANNOUNCING: Our Coaches Community Giveaway


Enter Our Giveaway To Win Over $400 In Mental Training Courses!

At Positive Performance, we believe in setting BIG goals for ourselves and our community. Our online community is truly something special. 

In our coaches group, coaches seek advice, accountability, resources, and opportunities to share what they know every day. The conversations are positive, disagreements are constructive, and the group as a whole is truly inspiring.

Our community is something that we want to see continue to grow and flourish because it brings coaches together and empowers the mental training movement.

That brings me to our BIG goal: To grow this group to 5,000 MEMBERS. 

To do this, we need your help.

If each of you invites just ONE coaching colleague, we will EXCEED our goal. 

Every invitation = 1 entry to win


What Will I Win?

Well, in addition to gaining access to an extended worldwide community of coaches who are also passionate about mental training, we are sweetening the deal. 

As a way of saying THANK YOU for helping us reach our goal, we're giving away over $400 of mental training courses and tools. Every time you invite a friend to the group, your name will be entered into a raffle to win: 

  • The Psychology of Competition ($300 value). 
  • The Mindful Competitor Project ($89 value). 
  • The BRAVR Method ($39 value)

If you wait until the last minute to invite your coaching colleagues to join the group, you may miss out on winning a course* with the power to transform your team. We will be pulling names at various times throughout the two week time block, so get started today! 


How Do I Enter?

As we mentioned earlier, 

Every invitation = 1 entry to win

There is no limit to the number of entries; all we ask is that your invitations are legitimate** and that you invite coaches who will truly contribute to and benefit from this group. Let’s keep this place rich with coaches who are passionate about mental training and eager to join the conversation.

Ready to take your mental training to the next level?


How Do I Invite Coaches?

If you ARE NOT yet a member of our coaches community...The first step is to join.

If you are a coach who believes in mental training and either has a mental training plan already in place for your team, or are interested in getting started with mental training, click the link to join our thriving coaches community.

If you ARE a member of our coaches community... here's how you can invite your friends (and be entered to win!)

  • Desktop: If you’re on your computer, simply type the name of a coach into the search bar under “invite members” on the righthand side of your screen.
  • Mobile: If you’re on your phone, click the blue “Invite” button at the top of your screen and type in the name of the coach you want to invite. That’s it! 

Thank you for being a valued member of our community and for helping us hit our big goal!

*Prizes may be altered/exchanged if the winner already owns the product they've been chosen to win.

**We reserve the right to disqualify any participant for illegitimate entries and/or foul play. 

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