Are You Ready to be the Coach You Wish You Had?

You are here for a reason. Well, actually, I bet it’s one of two reasons. You are drawn to mindset coaching EITHER because...

  • Some coach helped you develop YOUR Mindset and you want to pay it forward. 
  • You didn’t learn about the power of the mind until you were an adult... and you wish you had learned it sooner.

Am I right?

I am in the first category, but if I had a nickel for every person I met (In a bar, on a plane, at a convention...) that WISH they had done mindset work as a young athlete, I’d be…. Well, I’d still be doing what I’m doing today (but with a few more nickels:)

Regardless of how you got here, you are passionate about mindset work; you are passionate about spreading the word about mindset work, and you want to teach it. Do you want to make money at it? Maybe. Maybe as a side hustle. Maybe as a full-time gig. Maybe you just really want to impact the athletes you are coaching right now and don’t care about money.

Ultimately, It doesn’t matter; you, my friend, are a MINDSET COACH. 

The question is, how do you do it? How do you take mindset work out into the world more effectively? How do you use mental coaching to really impact your athletes?

How do YOU become the coach you wish you had?

DO YOU First

There is not a mindset coach anywhere that can impact people in a big way without working on themselves first. Push past your mindset blocks, take risks, face your fears. Have integrity and belief in what you teach enough to become a living example. 

Period. End of Story.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel 

...When you can steal from others. I know this sounds bad, but stay with me. I’ve spent SO much time creating things from scratch (and I’m so glad I have that experience behind me) but honestly, the wheel doesn’t always need to be reinvented a million times. Today, for example, I sent my mindset coaching students a fully completed powerpoint that took me hours to create. Now, they can save the time it took me to make the powerpoint and spend it on IMPACTING their clients instead. Try to find shortcuts where you can.

One Thing is Better Than Nothing

I see a lot of mindset coaches get overwhelmed with all the tools they should be using or should be implementing with their athletes. Honestly, just choose a few (even just one) and get started. Most athletes don’t need you to have a PhD in neuroscience, they just need a few practical tools to build upon. 

If you're starting from scratch, I recommend checking out and immediately implementing The BRAVR 2.0 for a simple tool that really works. 

Be Consistent Even if You Think it’s Not Working 

The challenge with mindset work is that the ‘results’ aren’t always so apparent and they definitely aren’t always immediate. You have to trust the process, and believe it can and WILL work if you expect your clients to. (This is why doing the work on yourself is so important too so you have firsthand evidence that mindset work works.)

It’s really easy to get discouraged if you aren’t getting positive feedback right away, but your job is to TRUST, be consistent, and respect the long game; you never know what seeds are being planted and when they will sprout. You also never know the mindset shifts your athletes are making already that you can’t ‘see’. 

Look for the small shifts and trust that they will snowball into larger ones. Don’t be reliant on immediate obvious evidence or you will be disappointed.

There are my tips for taking your mindset work out into the world to help you become the coach you wish you had! 

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