What Are You Waiting For? The 3 REAL Reasons You Don't Invest In Yourself

If you're like many of the coaches I've talked to, this is not the first time you've thought about becoming a Mental Coach. But investing in yourself and taking the leap into entrepreneurship can feel like a huge risk, and the opportunity never seems to arise at the 'perfect time'. If you are on the fence, my hope is that what I'm about to share with you will help you sift through your thoughts and give you a clearer understanding of what might be holding you back.

Now, how could I have any idea what you're feeling? Well, because the other day I plunked down $4k for a 2-month mastermind group coaching. So...

I've been in your shoes this week- I've hesitated to invest in myself; I know what that feels like.

I’ve been wanting a new coach for awhile; one that is more in line with where my business is currently. I had my eye on this woman for a while, I saw her ads on facebook and watched her videos regularly, but nothing more (sound familiar?). Then BOOM. I saw something that spoke to me and my big, bold goals. So, I jumped on it and talked with her. I was certain I wanted in.

Then some very real hesitations came up for me. Hesitations that are totally normal and expected and VALID. And likely you've have them too. So, I wanted to bring them out into the spotlight and examine them.  

Hesitation #1: Timing and Time Commitment

I have a 5-month old baby and a busy business (also a husband, a house, and a 3-year old) and I’m launching MTA. This sure didn't feel like the ‘right’ time to add another thing onto my plate. But, to be fair, it’s NEVER the ‘right’ time. Still, I was concerned about my availability to commit to the program to the degree that I wanted to.

"How much time is this going to take?" I asked my coach; what she told me is so true.

We love to think of time as this either/or thing, but really, it’s about efficiency. I’m taking time on my business ANYWAY.

The value of the time I spend on my business is not measured by how many hours I work, it's measured by how productive, efficient, focused, and badass I can be in that time. 

Time is going to be spent one way or another, so how will you use those hours? If you choose to not reinvent the wheel when it’s already been invented, you’ll do MORE in less time.

This idea reminds me of college athletes. Almost EVERY college athlete I talk to about time management says something similar to, "I got better grades IN season than OUT because I was so much more focused.” When we have FOCUSED time, even if it’s less time, we get more done (all you working parents know what I'm talking about!)

Hesitation #2: Money and Financial Commitments

"Shouldn’t I spend this money on my family instead?"



Money is and always will be a complicated topic, and our money mindset truly shapes what we believe is worth investing in. As an entrepreneur, spousal support is also absolutely critical, and my husband is the MOST supportive he could be. It’s not really about his support so much as my ability to not feel guilty about spending ‘our’ money on ‘myself’. For some reason, it feels more indulgent to hire a coach than to spend money on a website or marketing help. This mindset makes no sense since the #1 asset of my company is ME.

A lot of these hesitations make NO SENSE. And yet, that doesn’t make them any less real. Why? Because we are human, and how we make decisions is sometimes totally random and illogical and emotional. That’s just how we roll. I find it helpful to just admit that sometimes.

If you feel called to move forward and need the support of those around you, here is some thoughts/language if you need to have a conversation with a loved one:

“To get certified as mindset coach is definitely an investment, but if I want to grow into the person and coach I know I can be, I must take action. I really believe in this path- for myself and my family and I have big goals. In order to make those happen I need to invest strategically in things that will fast track my success- by getting support, systems, valuable feedback, and making connections. This is really important for me. Can you get behind this?”

Hesitation #3: Return on Investment

"What if it doesn’t work? Will I make my money back?"

Do you hear the fear and expectation of failure in that sentence? Let’s say this a different way: “What evidence do I have that this will 100% work?”

In some ways, there are no 100% guarantees. However, I can tell you this about myself as a client, I KNOW that when I invest in myself, I show up and I make it happen. Period.

And as coach, I can tell you this: I guarantee to BE there for you. Ask anyone I work with. I am THERE for them. A last-minute proposal, a freak out about a new client, a "What do I do if someone just called me about my services for the first time?!", I’m THERE. I really care about my clients and want them to succeed. 

Having doubts and fears are normal. When I took the leap to invest in myself earlier this week, I hesitated, I second guessed, I rode the whole emotional roller coaster. And I also realized something: Experiencing that kind of discomfort refreshes my mind, keeps me honest by living what I teach, and helps me empathize and better understand the process that my own clients go through.

I will never try to convince anyone to become an entrepreneur, but I will always encourage you to invest in yourself.

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