Do What You Love and the $$ Will Follow??? (VIDEO)


Have you ever heard that you should just do what you love and the money will follow? Oh puh-lease! If that were true, every starving artist, musician or do-gooder would be rolling in it. I do think the core of that message is true- you should do something you love and that making money is easier if you are truly motivated by passion. THAT I believe.

Is mindset coaching the thing you love? Well listen up.

Because making money just because you love mindset coaching isn’t my experience. Can you make money as a mindset coach? Yes. But it doesn't just come. I started making money when I started investing in myself, when I started acting like a CEO, when I decided making money was a priority. In other words, it didn't just fall in my lap.  And it didn’t come from hard work either (another cliché that isn’t true); it came from working smart and taking the RIGHT action.

If you are a mindset coach or aspiring mindset coach, in this video, I talk about how I shifted my business to actually make money and not rely on the idea that if I just do what I love the money will follow. I also talk about money and the mindset coaching industry and if you can make money being a mindset coach.

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