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Forget your athletes.... Coaches this one is for you!

blog May 25, 2014

As we approach summer, with another sports season on the horizon, I challenge you to schedule (if you haven’t already) some reflective, deep-thinking time. Think of it as quality time with yourself. For me, this is often done at my family’s beach house where there is no television, no Internet and no cell phone reception.

In between walks on the beach searching for pebbles, falling asleep in the sun and planning my next seafood meal, I let my brain ‘surf’.

Brain surfing is something we all do- it’s the daydreaming, thought-in, thought-out feeling we get when we let our mind wander. It can be incredibly healing as well as give you some critical feedback and connection with your true self. Putting it on the calendar ensures that you take that time.

And to give your brain a head start, here are 3 activities to get you into this mind-space:

1. Do Art! Even taking a pen and paper and doodling can awaken your mind’s creative center. Using your hands to create something gets your alpha brain waves moving. (Alpha waves are associated with creativity and peak performance.) Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, do something that creates beauty for you.

2. Swim. For most of us, being on or in the water creates a completely different mind-state. Many people equate it with being back in the womb. This shift can be enough to change our outlook and perspective so we can see things in a new way.

3. Exercise outside. Working out in a gym is good for your body but working out outside is good for your soul. Feel the wind, sun, rain on your skin. Notice the beauty around you. Connect your breath with the air surrounding your body. This can create a sense of being ‘outside’ yourself and removed from the minutiae of your daily life.

After you’ve done one of the following above activities, spend some more time brain surfing the following topics:

What is the ONE thing that makes you special? What do you bring to the table that no one in the world can? When you are in touch with your inner voice, steering your actions and choices, there is a sense of strength and a sense of peace in what you do. In this crazy world, with the never-ending to-do list, connecting with your true authentic self takes practice. But it is an investment that will pay off in spades-both for you and the people around you. This can be done by journaling, brainstorming words or just sitting silently.

Take the 5-year test. Imagine yourself in 5 years, what is the one thing you will look back on from THIS year that you would be most proud of? This will be your intention for this year- write it somewhere! On your bathroom mirror, in your car, or on your desk are all good places.

Choose your life. We’ve all heard the stories of a person suddenly realizing that they are living a life they didn’t want, a life that they didn’t choose. We are always choosing the life we want, in every single action of every single day, but much of it is subconscious. So today CHOOSE your life, make adjustments, trust your intuition, and feel how your body is reacting so you can live the life you truly want.

Here’s to brain surfing and connecting with your authentic self!




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