Trisha Kroll: How a 'Floundering Mindset Coach' Gained the System she Needed to Level-up Her Business


Coach Trisha Kroll describes her past self as a 'floundering mindset coach'. As a Division I volleyball athlete and the owner of The Diff (club volleyball) she knew firsthand how important mental training is, but she didn't know how to go about teaching it. Bouncing from book to book to blog, Trisha educated herself on the mental game and scrapped together what she could to help her athletes, but she knew it wasn't enough. 

When she applied to be in the Mindset Coach Academy, she came to us seeking support to help her be proactive about reaching the big goals she has for her company. In her words,

I've been reactive and not proactive about building a system... You don't rise to the level  of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems. 

Through the Mindset Coach Academy, Trisha has felt confirmed in the value of mindset coaching, and re-energized through the process of starting with her own mindset. She has doubled her prices, will soon triple them and switched to value-based pricing, has updated her website tech to better attract and retain clients, and has utilized our materials as a template to build the mental training side of her business. 

Trisha is graduating from the Mindset Coach Certification with tools to help her athletes master their mindsets, a personal routine established to master her own, and a clear vision for her future.

Watch her full video interview above and check out the Mindset Coach Certification to learn more about what you could gain from becoming certified. 

Note:  Applications for The Mindset Coach Certification are now closed, but we'll be launching our next cohort in Fall, 2020. To be the first to know about this upcoming cohort, put your name on our waitlist.



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