How to Know If You Are Hiding Your Gifts, And What To Do About It


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In my previous video blog, I talked about selling, and it resonated with a lot of you. The truth is, everybody is selling something, even if it's just selling yourself as an asset. Often, we hide what we really care about, our gifts, from the world. We justify this by telling ourselves our message isn't well thought out enough, or people won't be interested in it. Perhaps we think about how other people are already out there doing it 'better' than we are, or we know that even if our message connects to one person, there will be a lot of people that won't receive it. So, we hide our message out of fear of that social rejection. 

Do you feel like you have a message that the world needs to hear? Do you feel like there is MORE you can offer? Do you feel like you are hiding on some level?

If you even hesitate when you hear these questions, watch the video above. 

Here is what I know about hiding your message from the world.

  • Most of us do it.
  • You have to ACTIVELY work to not do it. 
  • You may think your message has to be 100% unique and original- It doesn't.
  • 99% of people DON'T need or care what you have to say- but for that 1%, YOUR message is the life changing story they NEED to hear to make change. Focus on that 1% and taking action will become easier.
  • Opportunities to get out of hiding do not naturally occur. You have to do something that is uncomfortable. 

Watch the video above to find out if you are hiding your gifts from the world and what to do about it if you are.


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