How to Implement a Mental Training Plan Even if You Have $0.00 Budget

blog Sep 28, 2016

So the fall is my super, crazy, busy time. I'm doing kickoff trainings with teams, setting up programs with our online training packages, and doing live events with clubs and athletic departments. Truthfully, it's my favorite time of year.

But the downside of all these trainings,  is that I rarely get a second to really sit down and write new blogs, create new content or produce new videos. And I feel a little guilty about that. After all, this time of year is when YOU, and all the coaches that follow us are often just getting a first glimpse into their teams, seeing the areas they want to work on, and are ready for some new, juicy mental training from us.

And this is the deal. As you probably know, here at Positive Performance, we have a TON of free mental training resources. We have blog articles on everything from slumps to sleep, from confidence issues to nutrition. We have free mental training courses and guides and videos and e-books. So trust, me there is enough here to keep you busy even without me in your inbox.

But I often talk to coaches that get our newsletter and they say 'Lindsey, it's great stuff but I'm not exactly sure how to USE all these resources." And many of them, many of you, need the free resources because you have $O.OO budget. You tell me how you selflessly spend your own money on equipment or uniforms or travel expenses. But you desperately want to help your kids on the mental game.

And we do too.

So I thought this week, I'm going to pull back the curtain on what I teach my paying clients on how to actually take these free resources and make them work for your program without spending a dime.

I'll break down the framework I use to create change in 3 steps and give you the 2 simple, hugely powerful things you can do today to create mental training plan you can stick with. I'll also share some super budget friendly ways to get more mental training for those of you ready to spend a little dough but don't have the budget for our larger trainings.

This is not the prettiest most professional video I've ever made, but I think it may be one of the most helpful for some of you (and frankly this is all I can do with my schedule this fall.) Enjoy and comment below if you have any questions or comments about implementing a mental training plan! I'll put the relevant links for all the resources I mention below the video.

FREE and Budget-Friendly Resources:

Mental Training 101: A FREE 4 part video series that breaks down mental training and gives you a foundational understanding and actionable takeaways to use with your team. Or you can watch this with your entire team.

Mental Huddle Foundational Program™- $399 program with 10 mental workshops you can use with your team. For many teams this is their favorite part of the program as athletes can implement the mental huddles which creates buy in and ownership and peer to peer learning.

The Psychology of Competition™: Coaches Certification Program- $299 This course is our newest training, not yet released to the public and based on a decade of teaching athletes and coaches about competition. This course is very in-depth as it teaches you as a coach all about the psychology of competition. We train you to train your athletes and equip you with the knowledge you need as well as resources such as downloadable worksheets to use with your athletes.


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