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Why Don't Coaches Teach Mental Training?

So many coaches have the passion for mental training and the intention to do it but they still haven't started doing it. Why? Well, here is what they tell us:

Reason #1: They don’t know where to start

A lot of coaches that come to us have already some mental training knowledge; they learned a few tools sometime during their playing or coaching career, but not in any sort of organized way.

Oftentimes, this leads coaches to feeling paralyzed with indecision. They end up doing nothing because they don't know where to start. 

If you are one of these coaches, here is my advice: Doing one thing is better than doing no things.

With the Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox, we include a highly detailed user success guide that shows you exactly where to start by doing just one thing at a time. It takes the guess work out of teaching the curriculum in a way that will make sense.    

Reason #2: They are overwhelmed with information

 Let’s say you want to learn guitar. You have two options:

  1. You do anything and everything you can get your hands on. You buy a book on it, you ask a friend for a few pointers, you watch random youtube videos in all your free time, you read all about it and study the greats. Everything you use is free or low cost but you spend a TON of time sifting through the information and doing research to figure out which information is even relevant.
  2. You pay for lessons that take you step by step through a simple process. You quickly go from not knowing anything to actually being able to play. This option costs money, but takes way less time because you are told what to do when.

Which option do you think would be most valuable to you? I know which one I would pick, but I think it really depends on your end goal.  

For some people, the hunt for information is actually the most appealing part. They aren’t necessarily concerned about how long it takes to learn, some just want to dabble. But I believe, if your goal is to learn, it helps to have a system.

Why Should Coaches Prioritize Mental Training?

If I told you mindset work would allow your star (but inconsistent) player to play at or near her best in almost every game, would you find time to do it?

If I told you your entire team would find a deeper power and confidence inside themselves and give you the satisfaction of helping them be better as athletes and as people, would you be able to find the money?

If I told you that you would get to the NEXT level yourself as a coach, as a person that optimized their mindset, would you be ready to step up?

If you knew in your soul that mindset work would help your athletes be happier, calmer and stronger, would you care if they wanted to do it? Would it bother you that you got resistance from them? Would you let your brain convince you it’s not the right time for you to step into another level as a coach?

These ‘results’ are not unusual. Mental training makes all of these things happen.

If you've been on the fence about mental training, what are you really waiting for? Why isn't it a priority? The honest truth is this:

We make time for things that work. We find money for the things we know will benefit us. And we don’t ask for permission when we have something we know will move our program forward and move us to the next level as a coach.

That’s the real crux of it isn’t it? Are you READY to get to the next level in your coaching? If you are, and you believe mindset work is a part of that journey, then it’s time to get uncomfortable and do something different. Because this I know; you cannot do the same thing you’ve always done and expect different results.

INTRODUCING: The Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox.

What is it for?

The Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox is a collection of mental training courses geared at tackling your athlete's three biggest barriers:

  • Low Confidence
  • Lack of Resilience
  • Competition issues and inconsistencies.

It's for coaches that want to maximize their impact and stop wasting time piecing together a program. 

What is Included?

It gives you three things you’ll need to make mental training work;  the tools, the implementation plan and the supportive online community.

The Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox is not just an online course, it is a proven system that includes a vast library of mental training resources (with lifetime access) at a fraction of the cost for mental training services. More importantly, it includes a step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to implement and utilize your mental training toolboxes with your team. You'll also gain access to an online community where you can connect with other coaches who have invested in mental training to give and receive feedback and support. 

In short, the Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox includes:

  • A curriculum designed to build resilient athletes
  • A curriculum designed to develop confident athletes 
  • A curriculum designed to build a team of great competitors. 
  • A detailed and organized complete implementation guide that makes it easy to utilize the hundreds of tools in this course.
  • A supportive online community that will offer expertise and support to help you finally make mental training stick.

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