Meditation Challenge Day 4

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2014

Today our meditation is about gratitude. As usual, get somewhere comfortable and close your eyes. Don't forget to comment below!

Day 4: Gratitude

We'll get to gratitude during the meditation but first something I hear all the time:  I'm not good at meditating! For something so SIMPLE it sure is not easy. Relax. As you well know, nothing worth having is easy. Meditation is a practice and like anything else there are good days and bad days. The key is to keep doing it!

"Don't wait until your house is on fire to build a well."- Unknown

Meditation can give you so many gifts- good health, a balanced mind, relieve stress- but it's easy to put it off until you 'need' it. It's just like a muscle, don't wait until it's pulled to learn to stretch. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Not signed up? Click here to sign-up for the meditation challenge.


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