Meditation Challenge Day 5

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2014

Today our meditation is a meditation exercise called 'labeling'.

Day 5: Labeling

What is labeling? Too often when we feel a negative emotion, we start becoming it without realizing it. We generally do a couple of things:

  • Search for why we are feeling what we are feeling.
  • Explore the depth of feeling.
  • Try to change the emotion with judgement or by using the same emotion we have become. i.e. If we are angry, we then think about our anger with an angry point of view.

We become attached to the emotion, even though that attachment is causing us pain. This next meditation will teach you a really simple but very effective tool to create some distance from our emotions.

TIP: Forgetting to Meditate?Put an alarm in your phone so you'll remember to do it every day.

Get some paper or your journal, get comfortable and close your eyes. Please let us know your thoughts below. [audio mp3=""][/audio] Not signed up? Click here to sign-up for the meditation challenge.


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