Recruiting Tip: Leverage mental training

blog May 01, 2013

One of our clients, a Head Coach, asked me the other day, what role I saw for mental training in recruiting; Did i think it could be used to help attract better recruits?

Oh boy, did I! That question took me right back to my own recruiting experience.

Of course, coaches and athletic directors implement mental training because they want to develop their young athletes, their teams, their athletic programs. But there's no doubt that one of the long-lasting strengths of mental training is that it also prepares athletes for "real life!".

And if that isn't a boost for a recruiting pitch, I don't know what is.

From my own experience, there are two main areas that athletes and parents look for in recruiting: sports and everything else beyond sports.

In my case, at 17 years old, I cared more about the former, while my parents cared more about the latter. Probably not atypical for most young people. It’s not that I didn't care about the school, the campus life, my future beyond basketball, it’s just that my primary objective at that moment was to be the best I could be in my sport.

My parents wanted me to be the best I could be too - both in basketball and in life.

Appealing to both students and parents: Question: So what did my parents and I have in common? Answer: Both my parents and I wanted me to be my best.

An athlete's best can only be achieved when they leverage their mind to accomplish the things they believe in - on the playing field and off. And that's why any discussion of mental training in recruiting would have had my parents sitting up, on the edge of their chairs.

The degree we get, the school, they can matter but what matters most is the intangibles we learn:

  • A strong internal belief in yourself
  • Unshakable drive
  • Positive outlook
  • Ability to handle and move past failures

On the field, in the classroom, in the game of life, mental training teaches young people success is inside them….. and how to tap into it.

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