What Scares the Sh** Out of You: Running TOWARDS Failure

I signed up for an 8 week Improv class last week. Not because I wanted to but because I DID NOT WANT TO.

In the Mindset Coach Academy we are Running Towards Failure this week. Which means we are doing something that scares the s*** out of us. Something we are not good at yet. Something where we will stumble and be uncomfortable and fail and grow.

And I DO what I teach. So, I’m right there with my students, running towards failure. I have to be…. No, I GET to be an example of what is possible. So, I went first. And I signed up for an Improv class.

Why Improv?

Much like playing, I know speaking and communication often comes down to practice/preparation and then BEING in the moment, trusting yourself, being totally vulnerable and going for it.

I felt that so much on the court as a player and it was the BEST feeling. But it takes guts to really trust yourself and to really leave it all out on the court. And I feel that way about speaking and selling and just communication in general.

I am my best when I am totally immersed. When I am NOT thinking.

And Improv is the training ground for that. Can I turn down the inner editor, let my guard down and truly be in the moment? I’m practicing this in my life. In the way I write, in the way I do videos or teach, the entire way I’m running my business I am aiming for this. But doing it in a class, with others watching, with many things I cannot control is next level. It’s almost like I’m getting in discomfort reps, like weight lifting, so when I leave the room and the workout is done, I’m stronger for the rest of my life. It feels that significant.

It’s scary. I’ll be writing more about my classes in the near future but suffice to say I was totally uncomfortable last week for the entire 2.5 hours. When’s the last time I can say that?

Don’t get me wrong, this stuff is not so easy for me. I tried to not sign up for the class. My MCA students wouldn’t have cared if I didn’t. No one would have known that I thought about it then found an excuse. I had some good ones- the class is right when my kids go to bed, I had to make sure my husband could be home from work, take both kids, blah blah. It was some coordination that I easily could have used as a barrier. I even took 5 days of thinking about it to sign up.

But I just had this nagging voice in my head that said RUN TOWARDS FAILURE. So I did. I failed over and over again last week. I will again tomorrow night. And I’m growing because of it.

What scares the s*** out of you?  What is where you will stumble and be uncomfortable and fail and grow?


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