Someday is today: How (And When) To Leave Your 9-5 (For Mental Training Entrepreneurs)

Every time I speak, a handful of people come up to me afterward, always with some version of the question, “Lindsey, I’m interested in becoming a mental training coach. How do I start?”. Here is what I tell them…


See, I believe that if you have the entrepreneurial itch, you’ll always have it. It may get deprioritized (and probably has), but it doesn’t go away. So you’ll either take action or remain a dreamer, convinced that someday you'd start your own business. If this sounds like you, I have something to say:

Someday is today.

The Two Paths

Now, it’s crucial for me to mention that I don’t think people should go into entrepreneurship blindly. Being an entrepreneur requires thought and planning. One of the most significant and most immediate decisions you’ll face is in choosing your entrepreneurial starting path.

One way to leap is to jump right in literally. Quit your job, clean out your bank account, and put everything on the line. For some, they need this kick in the butt. Often, the people that choose to approach entrepreneurship in this way are the people that have waited and told themselves ‘someday’ for too long. Sometimes, these people are those that find themselves at a crossroads; they lost their job, their kids are starting school, their spouse’s job took them across the country, or they have a personal epiphany that it’s NOW or NEVER.

Then there is the ease in the slow path. These entrepreneurs start a side hustle, begin taking steps towards quitting their job in the near future but only after doing the groundwork ahead of time. If you fall into this camp, you may start small, make sure you enjoy the work, and build the business until you feel it’s time to jump right in.

Both paths are valid.

The problem I often see is that people think that the first path is the only one that counts. They believe it does or die. It is either you are IN IT, or you’re OUT.

However, this way of thinking can be paralyzing and often gets people stuck in the ‘someday’ mentality. They think they have to wait until the absolute right time, quit their job, and then magically become an entrepreneur. Moreover, for most people, that ‘someday’ never quite comes. The timing isn’t right, they haven’t saved up enough, their firstborn is starting college, or it simply feels so extreme it’s overwhelming.

So, they continue dreaming; never quite moving forward, never failing, never taking a risk. Most will mistakenly think that there will be a right time and that until they feel 100% ready, it isn’t that right time. They convince themselves they need to get a degree or they should wait for an opportunity, not realizing that these opportunities only come when you are out there taking action. They may get stuck in a perfectionist mentality, convincing themselves that other people are more equipped and that they are not ready.

Don’t do that.

Let me tell you how ill-prepared I was to become an entrepreneur. I had NO idea what I was doing when I started my business. So when I started my 2nd business, I had a 3-month-old baby. Furthermore, I have no formal degree in sports psychology or business; I have my B.S in English and sociology.  So, yes, the timing isn’t ever right. You will never feel completely ready.

Never forget, if it were easy, everyone would do it.

You don’t have to jump all the way in; you don’t have to have a formal degree or be an expert on every part of your business from the start, you have to stop getting in your way.

All it takes to stand apart from the crowd, to be that brave entrepreneur that you so admire, is to START. Someday is today.

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