Take a vacation!

blog Jan 29, 2013

Vacations can give us time for self-reflection, which is good but can also unlock feelings of being unproductive or stir up old emotions that are easier to ignore in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Back in the day, I hated taking days off. I thought it was boring.  And I never thought about rest in the context of a larger picture. It just felt lazy. My first real vacation wasn’t until I was well into my 20s and even then I remember running on the beach feeling sort of odd without the structure of practice.

And that sort of drive is typical for many athletes and coaches, we are all used to going going going. That’s mentality is what got us to where we are…. It can also be the kiss of death for ambition, health, happiness and many other useful and productive emotions.

But vacations serve a vital purpose in our overall reach for success. But for some of us, we need to prepare to enjoy our vacation. Here’s how to make your vacation the most productive, healthy, and healing getaway you’ve experienced:

*plan ahead- delegate delegate delegate responsibilities that just can’t be ignored for a week (recruiting, players, emails etc.) There are some things that need to be dealt with every day, it just doesn’t always have to be done by you.

*limit technology- If you can’t completely ignore your phone and computer, give yourself some limits ahead of time and stick too them. Have a certain time every day that you check them (once or maybe twice) and don’t bring your phone with you on excursions or to the pool-it’s easier to ignore your phone if you can’t hear your phone.

*reframe rest- discipline is a good thing. So be disciplined about rest, vacation, downtime. Standing still in life and regrouping is as much a part of moving forward as going, going, going.

*exercise not workout- I can rest my body for a few days and then I just get antsy, my legs and back start to ache and I feel heavy. So I don’t think a vacation has to include a lack of movement. So I exercise. It might not be in the gym, it might not even be long or tiring unless I really feel like it. I listen to my body. I enjoy nature. I do something active-running outside, hiking in the mountains, biking through the wine country, swimming in an outdoor pool, playing tennis on a sunny morning.

*have some alone time- As stated earlier, self-reflection time is not always fun but it is necessary. Some people prefer busy vacations and that is fine, but make sure you have some alone time to think and regroup and analyze your goals. Vacations can help ensure we are staying on track with what we want but it’s difficult to have time to think if you are constantly around others.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Share with us here.  My top 5: 1. Greek Islands (Santorini, Crete) 2. Fallen Leaf Lake, Tahoe 3. Portola Valley, CA 4. Eilat, Israel 5. Split, Croatia If you liked this article, subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on our latest articles.


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