The 2 Things that Will Kill Your Dreams of Being a Mindset Coach (VIDEO)


In my experience as a mindset coach and as an entrepreneur, there are two things that must be aligned in order for you to be successful. If you don’t take time to address these two things first, they will drag you down and inhibit you from achieving your goals. 

Your Mindset

Your mindset HAS to be right before you can teach others to take control of their own mindset. If you are not working on yourself, you will not be able to reach your clients; it just won’t work.

Think about it this way, would you respond to a health coach who ate poorly, never exercised, and had bad habits? NO! Likewise, your actions will directly impact the authority and respect that your athletes+ clients assign to you.

Furthermore, we all have a finite amount of focus and energy. When you hold beliefs about yourself or speak to yourself in a way that drags you down, (i.e. I’m just not good at motivating people. I’m not meant to be successful. Investing in myself is a waste), you prevent yourself from owning your value, and you drain your focus and energy. When limiting self-belief becomes a habit, your energy dissolves, and so does your productivity and capacity for success. That is why your mindset is crucial.

Your Priorities

Mindset and priorities go hand-in-hand. When you have a negative mindset, you put that limiting mindset on your priorities. This results in mental clutter that distracts you from being productive and prevents you from taking steps to work on your priorities.

Have you ever 'worked without getting anything done?' This is an example of how a limiting mindset can convolute priorities. As an athlete, you may run sprints all day when it’s really your jump shot that needs work. As an entrepreneur, you may spend days designing your business cards when you should be doing the braver job of calling your clients.

If your mindset is wrong, your energy gets drained, and you only ever have the energy to do the easy, less important stuff. It's only when you have a healthy mindset and bold list of priorities that you will feel strong enough to tackle the important stuff that will actually move your business (and life) forward. 

Get your mindset right, prioritize, execute.  

Your MINDSET and your PRIORITIES are the two most crucial parts of being a successful working mindset coach and/or entrepreneur. 

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