The Simple Mindset Routine that Changes My Whole Day


We often celebrate massive action (which is really fun). Taking a leap to a new career, finishing a book, accomplishing something really difficult. Big achievements are totally worth celebrating. But today, I’m stepping back to celebrate the micro actions that make the big actions possible.

My Favorite Goal-Setting Tool

I’m obsessed with my planner.

It literally goes everywhere with me. Sure, my phone can do WAY more things; it can automatically order groceries for me, I can buy a plane ticket to Fiji, or video call with my brother in Costa Rica for free. It’s a marvel.

But my little planner, with thick pages and simple text, is the mindset hack that keeps me moving forward.  

It’s like having my brain on paper, organized with small little check boxes and stars. I write down EVERYTHING. I start by drawing a neat little line down the middle to split the page into two parts; one column says ‘work’, one says ‘life’, and both get filled up.

My planner keeps my head from spilling over. When I have a free 15 minutes, it answers the question, ‘What can I accomplish?’. Full disclosure: I even write down things that have ALREADY been accomplished just so I can check off the little box. Is that weird? Probably. But honestly, just seeing something DONE makes me feel good and gives me momentum to check off the big, black, looming boxes of tasks yet to be done.

The tiny dopamine hit from checking that box - I’ll take it.  

It also helps me to take things out of my brain. Once it’s on my list; pick up the dry cleaning, get eggs at the store, call my facebook ads manager, prep for my coaching calls, I don’t have to keep thinking about it until it’s time to do it. I free up creative space in my brain by dumping tasks into my planner.

Thanks planner, you’re the best!

I talk a lot about my processes for getting stuff done and prioritizing tasks related to my business students because, unless you have unlimited cash reserves to pay staff, or want to work 80 hours a week and drive yourself crazy, you need to get your s*** organized. 

There is no mindset optimization that can be done with a full, cluttered, and scattered mind.

Using a planner to improve efficiency is not a new concept, but I take it one step further: I turn my mindset work into a task. Because it is THE SINGLE BIGGEST THING that directly impacts the other tasks.

Every week when I make my plan, I include a few little boxes that say, Daily Mindset Beast. This is my planning and mindset time that happens BEFORE I tackle any projects. Every work day I start by doing my Daily Mindset Beast, check the little box, and get a fun rush of dopamine because the first task of the day is done.

The Mindset Beast

I have no idea where I got the term, 'Mindset Beast', but it helps me to name it. Giving it a name and turning it into a task helps me prioritize it and recognize if I actually get it done. What does my Mindset Beast look like? 

  • Journaling
  • Writing down tasks, and moving over tasks from last week.
  • Delegating projects and tasks
  • Breaking down big tasks into smaller, more manageable and clear tasks
  • Reflecting and celebrating what I'm doing that is working
  • Reviewing my goals, yearly, monthly and weekly.
  • The BRAVR™.

While all these tasks are vital in their own way, my secret weapon is The BRAVR™.

My Secret Weapon: The BRAVR™ 

I start with my affirmation: “I make $500k in the next 18 months, doing what I love, helping people, and working less than 25 hours a week.” And then I SEE IT HAPPENING. I see the check I write to myself, I see the staff I have hired, the students I’m helping, the freedom I have, the teaching and creative work I get to focus on. Mostly, I see myself as the CEO I have to grow into to make that happen.

Because of the actions I take every day, I see my affirmation become my reality. 

This is the simple mindset routine that changes my whole day, week, month, year, and trajectory of my business. My daily mindset ritual; It’s the blue collar of mindset work.

Do you have a daily mindset routine? Do you tell your athletes to do one? I’d LOVE to hear about it. Comment in the section below to share your daily mindset ritual!

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