The Surprising Reason Coaches Should Exercise #MT30 Day 20

Don't worry, I'm not here to guilt you into exercising. But I do want to talk about why coaches need to prioritize physical activity, and it has nothing to do with your cholesterol. Here's how exercising can actually help you coach better.

Coaches Should Exercise Because...

Exercise burns off stress hormones: Exercise can put you in a better mindstate to coach your athletes because it helps burn off your stress hormones, and releases happy hormones that make you more energized, optimistic and confident. Coaching is hard on a number of levels. Self-care is simply going to keep your ‘well’ full so you don’t get burnt out.

It begs respect from your athletes: As a coach, one of the most powerful things you can do is walk-the-walk. Do drills with your athletes, and/or exercise separately in a way that shows them that you’re practicing what you preach. It doesn’t matter that you do as much physical work as they do just that you are pushing yourself too.  Even if you don’t exercise in front of them (though don’t be scared to do a quick squat workout while they are warming up!) they’ll know you are practicing what you preach. Trust me, they’ll know.

It helps you teach mental training: You can learn a lot by pushing yourself. As you challenge yourself to work hard, you’ll gain insight on what motivation techniques work for you, what mental barriers come up, what physical discomfort feels like. These ability to empathize and relate to your athletes is vital.

As a mental training coach, exercise is an important part of my job. Sure, it can feel totally unrelated and even indulgent to take time away from the X’s and O’s of running a business but I learn and grow and become a better coach when I prioritize taking care of myself. You should too. It matters. 

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