Where Are They Now? Catching up with Our MCA Graduates

Twice a year, we take a small group through our Mindset Coach Certification program. Today, we're checking in with four of our graduates to see what they've been up to and to share some of their free and paid resources with all of you.

If you want to be in the great company of these 4 and the many other coaches who graduated from our Mindset Coach Certification, if you are ready to step into being a mindset coach and impacting lives in a big, long-term way (including your own), look into our certification. It was designed for someone just like you!

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Breanne Smedley 

"Since becoming a certified mindset coach, I have launched my own business training and mentoring female athletes to find their confidence on and off the field/court. I work with individuals and teams within The Elite Competitor Program, my signature group coaching program, that gives girl athletes the skills, habits, and mindsets needed to take their game to the next level.

⭐️ Breanne is also offering a free resource for parents/guardians of female athletes called "What to Say" Parent Cheat Sheet which provides tips on what you can say to build confidence before, during, and after games.

Check out The Elite Competitor Program

Follow Breanne on Instagram at @bresmedley

Nikki Dieball

"My business has grown extensively since I completed the Mindset Coach Certification! I have taken on several individual clients, launched a couple of workshops, and hosted a webinar. I have 2 college teams that I am working with and have also started a program at my university for athletes that are graduating and transitioning from college athletics to the career world."

⭐️ Nikki founded the Competitor's Mindset Workshop. It's a 5 week program aimed at giving athletes and coaches mental tools to get them ready for their upcoming season.

Follow Nikki on Instagram at @nikkidieball23 

 Amy Holt Oliphant

"Since becoming an MCA Certified Mindset Coach and a Performance Visualization Specialist, my business, Transcend Mental Training, has continued to grow and I have been able to increase my prices. I have worked with swimmers, fencers, hockey players, ice skaters, and soccer players. I have also worked with several teams. I love what I do and I am so grateful for the opportunities to work with young athletes and help them become the best version of themselves."

⭐️ Amy is offering a free mental imagery workbook to anyone who subscribes to her newsletter. Check it out here!

Email Amy at [email protected]

Follow Amy on Instagram at @transcendmentaltraining


Bryan Price

"I’m celebrating 1-year in business after starting Top Mental Game in June 2019. It’s been a crazy year - I’ve been able to work with top Division-I athletes and teams, elite players at the high school level, and even corporations who want to use mental performance training to get to the next level. Although I’m based out of New Jersey, I’ve worked with athletes from Hawaii to Massachussets in 10 different sports. Additionally, I’ve run 3- to 5-day mental skills bootcamps for athletes and even had soccer legend Julie Foudy appear as a guest on one of them. Finally, I’m a featured columnist on the mental game with Soccer Today and their nation-wide audience.

⭐️ If you are an athletic director, coach, or group of parents, Bryan would love to customize a 3-5 day Mental Skills Bootcamp just for you.

Email Bryan at [email protected]

Follow Bryan on Instagram at @topmentalgame

Breanne, Nikki, Amy, and Bryan are doing incredible things every day and truly furthering the mental training industry. We couldn't be more proud of their success - it speaks to their passion, commitment, vision, and relentless mindset. We highly recommend working with any of these amazing coaches.

What could you do as a Certified Mindset Coach? How could becoming certified help you achieve your biggest goals? If you are ready to take the step to become certified, check out our certification program through The Mindset Coach Academy.

Note:  Applications for The Mindset Coach Certification are now closed, but we'll be launching our next cohort in Fall, 2020. To be the first to know about this upcoming cohort, put your name on our waitlist.




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