The Inner Work to Create The Change We Wish to See

athlete diversity Sep 01, 2020


If you go to a website with 1 million options, what will you do? Probably nothing.


I feel that way about the world sometimes right now. Like I want to do ALL the things to help. Then I get overwhelmed and paralysis sets in. And I end up doing not much of anything.


The state of the world right now can feel like a lot. Often times I’m not sure what to do except try to control what I can control: Keep my kids happy, smile through my mask at a neighbor, put good food on the table, work on my thoughts and energy.

But what happens when it's clear that's not enough? What happens when one too many days pass when I do nothing for the greater good? 

I see this so often with my students that want to start a business. It’s the same mental gymnastics that end with inaction. So, if you can relate, if you feel that there isn’t much you can do in this world right now, read on. If you feel like your actions are insignificant compared to the...

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