28 Days later: Better than yesterday’s me

Bad habit baby steps

One month ago I gave you a challenge: to break a bad habit. How have you fared?

I was told once that great leaders should never ask for something that they wouldn’t do themselves. In light of that good bit of advice, I took on the 28-day habit challenge along with you.

My bad habit: negative thinking. My goal: Go caffeine and gluten-free and restart on the path to a regular exercise routine. The result? I’m not perfect, but I’m feeling pretty darn great.

My bad habit: “I can’t”

My bad habit is negative self-talk. I say “is” because the habit isn’t completely eradicated.... yet, though I can already see and feel the benefits I’ve gained from omitting 90% of negative self-talk from my daily walk.

I not only feel better physically and mentally, but my positive self-talk has in turn made me, well, more positive, which makes the positive self-talk easier, which…

Well, you get the picture.


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Party or practice: 3 Ways to prevent off-season temptations

Around this time of year I get a lot of questions from student athletes struggling with off-season temptations. You know them: parties, sleeping in, eating poorly…

Basically, anything that isn’t training.

So, in an effort to answer one question for many, I’m sharing in this article a genuine question asked very recently by one of Positive Performance’s swimmers and my corresponding answer.*

The big question

“Thank you for helping the team with mental training. Many of us, including myself, went all best times and I had the best season of swim career largely due to my improved mental attitude.

“However, now that its off-season, I’m struggling to stay focused in the pool. The lure of partying with friends is almost stronger than the desire to improve in the water.

“I'm just wondering how you think I should handle the situation? Is it wrong to go out at all or can I party with friends in moderation?

“What is your take on...

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