The Coach vs. The Critic: Who's in control?

Picture this: It's 10 years from now and you are up for a promotion. You should be elated, but instead just feel exhausted by your 50+ hour work week. You glance in your reflection in the window. Even through the smudged glass, you see the deep line that has made a home between your eyebrows.

When did that happen? You ask yourself.

Then it sinks in: you’re unhappy. You haven’t been happy for a long time. This heavy realization begins to weigh on you as you consider the "what if's" of your past. You ask yourself, What if I had traveled more. What if I had taken the job I actually wanted. What if I had taken that year off to spend time with my family. What if...

What if you had made your life decisions based on the parts of yourself that you wanted to preserve. What if you had chosen the life course that would best reflect the strengths in yourself that you value, not your parents, friends, or professional community. The strengths in yourself that you value.


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Should I Let my Same Sex Players Date Each Other?

We had the great pleasure to speak with Dr. Jenny Lind Withycombe about diversity among elite athletes.  Dr. Withycombe, has over 15 years experience within the field of athletics as an athlete, coach, consultant, sport psychologist, and diversity and inclusion educator. Most notably, Dr. WIthycombe has worked with the NCAA, AMCC and the US Rowing team.

Dr. Withycombe often gets asked the question:

Should I let my same sex players date each other?

The simple answer is no. Relationships of any kind, outside of the team dynamic, can be detrimental; both sexual and friendship-based. The most important thing to remember is that you have to explain it isn’t because they are same sex but rather that it is a real threat to the team dynamic.

However, relationships are going to happen sometimes, and there's not much you can do about it. That's why it’s very important to be prepared for the situation.

Dr. Withycombe suggests creating a policy around inter-team relationships....

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GA5 Volleyball achieves 70% wins with mental training

At Positive Performance, we love hearing from clients about how mental training has changed their lives and their games. Read what a coach from the GA5 Volleyball Club in Georgia had to say about our program.

A Letter from a GA5 Volleyball Coach

I’ve been actively coaching with an elite club for two years. I served as an assistant coach my first year, where I learned the ropes of club coaching and how the junior system worked.

I was hands on with the girls. But, as I watched a very good and athletic group struggle to close games, get frustrated on the floor, and lose faith in their game,

I knew they needed more of something.

I knew there was something that could help them get over the mental challenges they faced; something to help them focus on what they could control, as opposed to what they couldn’t; something that would help them play better together as a team.

GA5 goes to AVCA

As a coach, I am always looking to learn new and different techniques to push...

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Jim Clem on his coaching philosophy (transcribed)

Originally posted in article Pitching Tips Intro: 4 Parts to Understanding Yourself as a Pitcher, published November 24, 2014.

Pitching Coach Jim Clem on his Coaching Philosophy

Transcription of interview conducted by Lindsey Wilson, Positive Performance Training 

Lindsey Wilson: Now coach, I know you have a psychology background and a sports administration background and you've coached, like you said, all these different levels. Tell us if this has happened, has your coaching philosophy evolved over the years and where is it right now?

Jim Clem: Uh, no doubt, you know, it has evolved. I'm, you know, I think it's, you know, I was a psychology history, education major through college and I started those three majors and then I got a master's degree in sports administration, which involved a lot of my training was a lot of evaluation and training of other coaches and athletes and something that I was passionate about and wanted to learn more about. And so I think...

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