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What Can You Control In Competition? Your Mindset.

Whether or not you’re a great competitor is entirely dependent on your physical and mental preparedness, the way you choose to react to victories, mistakes, and ever-changing circumstances, and how you process and learn from it when it’s all over. While there are parts of competition that are undeniably out of your control, the competition toolbox focuses on what you can control in competition; your mindset.

In this toolbox, you’ll gain a scientific understanding of the psychology of competition, and be introduced to easy-to-implement worksheets, audio files, and exercises you can use to help you and your team get your mind right before, during, and after competition.

With our guidance, we will help you turn you and all of your athletes into master competitors.

Signs Your Athlete May Be Inconsistent In Competition

Plays well in practice but falls apart on the field.
Often loses to inferior opponents.
Has difficulty maintaining focus and executing plays when the pressure is on.
Often seem stressed and anxious before competition.
Takes feedback personally and reacts emotionally.
Talks negatively about their performance or skill.
Fails to take risks in competition.
Makes excuses for why they performed poorly.
Not motivated by tough competition.
Overstimulated and has difficulty relaxing when they need to.
Wins or loses the game in the first few minutes.
Difficulty focusing and/or remembering plays.
Fails to recover after a mistake. (i.e. one mistake quickly turns into five).


Sound familiar? Here's where to start...


The Psychology Of Competition

The Psychology of Competition™ is an online certification course that teaches you how to help your athletes build pre-competition, in-competition and post-competition routines, so they approach every competition calm, focused and prepared.

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Resources to turn your athletes into master competitors

Help you and your team get your mind right before, during, and after competition with our competition toolbox. 

The Top 7 Ways To Develop Tough, Focused And Resilient Athletes

The Coaches Cheat Sheet is a free guide for coaches who are ready to take the guesswork out of mental training and start training the mental game with confidence. 

Use this straightforward tool to introduce your athletes to visualization, mindfulness, breathing, and positive self-talk. Start getting better practices + more consistent games TODAY.


Good reads about how to enable athletes to always compete at a high level

These articles will help you develop a team of consistent competitors by teaching them proven mental training techniques. 


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Live What You Teach: Actionable Self-Improvement for Coaches

As a mindset coach, you get to be an example to your athletes, you have a responsibility to live what you teach. Actionable ways to help you align your life with your values.

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Unleash The Beast In A Shy Or Introverted Athlete: The Alter Ego Technique

One simple exercise you can do with your introverted, shy, or timid athletes to help them access the innermost competitor inside of them.

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Podcast episodes all developing fierce competitors

Enjoy this sampling of The Mindset Coach Academy podcast episodes on building consistent competitors — from tapping into your inner toughness to improving your goals with visualization and so much more.  All in podcasts you can take on the go. 


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