Change Your Mindset, Uplevel Your Life & Impact Lives; How to Know If You are Ready to Become a Certified Mindset Coach.

Hosted by Lindsey Wilson,  Founder of Positive Performance and The Mindset Coach Academy.  

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The First Life You Change is your own

To impact others you have to be willing to work on your mindset first, to dream big goals and take big leaps. We'll talk about how our certified mindset coaches truly LIVE what they teach and how this is the backbone of our certification. 

Get Certified

What does it mean to be certified as a Positive Performance Mindset Coach? Who are we looking for? How do you  know this is the right path for you? What is included in the certification and how does it prepare me to be successful?

Make money. Change lives.

The 3 most common paths coaches take with their certification and how our training can give you the credibility and confidence you need to be a successful mindset coach.

Finally, a path forward for aspiring mindset coaches who are sitting on the sidelines

In this webinar, I really get down to the business of being a Positive Performance Certified Mindset Coach™- what it looks like, who should pursue this field and I dive into how our certification program works. If you have been on the fence about becoming a certified mindset coach, are interested in finally taking the leap OR are already doing some mindset work but want see how our methodologies and proven systems can up your game, this webinar is for you. 

I'm Lindsey

And I'm the founder of Positive Performance and The Mindset Coach Academy. I've created over 10 courses and certifications for coaches and athletes and I'm the founder of The Mental Training Entrepreneur Bootcamp- a 9 month intensive business coaching mastermind and certify Mindset Coach all over the world in our proven methodologies. I've been featured in, the Huffington Post and various news outlets around the world. I'm also a wife and mommy and find my life's passion of helping people maximize their potential applies to all of us, on the playing field and off. 

Join me in this Online Webinar

Space is limited and for serious coaches ONLY. We'll be on for about 75 minutes total and it will be jam packed with information to help you stop hoping and dreaming and finally decide if you want to pursue mindset coaching and become a Positive Performance Certified Mindset Coach. 


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