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Are you in pain watching your son or daughter struggle with their sport? If so, you've come to the right place and we are so glad you are here....



It doesn't have to be this hard....

You don't have to continue to watch your son or daughter struggle with their sport. Is getting to another level tough? Absolutely! Should sports be difficult? No way around it... and frankly most athletes don't WANT to work that hard.

But some already are. And STILL they are making the journey way harder mentally and emotionally than it needs to be. They've created a prison of unreasonable expectations, they are too hard on themselves, and they are making themselves (and you) miserable. 

It doesn't have to be this way. There is a solution. It's time to take the first step. Take our assessment and we'll send you customized recommended resources to get you started today. 

  •  Find out which training resources will most help your athlete.
  • Answer the one burning question that will determine if mental training is right for your son or daughter.
  • Get recommended resources and tools that you can use today. 
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"I can't tell you how much you helped our family. My husband and I were literally at our wits end. My daughter was like a zombie walking around the house as she suddenly went from loving basketball to wanting to quit. Your coaching was a beacon of light for her (and us) that got her back to her old, happy, healthy self. Seeing her smile on the court is the best result we could ever have hoped for. Thank you!'"

Chris. P
Mom of 16 year old Basketball Player


Lindsey Wilson is a former college and professional athlete and the co-founder of Positive Performance Mental Training. She works with thousands of athletes at every level to unlock their full potential on and off the playing field.

There is a solution..

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