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Help your athletes bounce back from failure, develop mental toughness, and build unshakeable self-belief with our proven, simple and carefully curated mental training resources below.

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Fear Stands In The Way of Resilience.  

Many people think that resilience and mental toughness are about making someone tougher; they believe that athletes just need to need to suck it up and get stronger mentally. We take a slightly different approach. Yes, you can and should have high standards and be tough on your athletes, but if you want to teach them to be tougher, you also have to actively remove the thing that is standing in their way: Fear.

When athletes are in their own head too much, when they are obsessed with not failing, when they are fearful of not being good enough, it's impossible to be relentless. When you help your athletes remove their negative thoughts, they will feel the freedom and safety to really go for it.

Teaching your athletes to stop letting fear dictate their performance starts with you. Through this toolbox, you'll work on your own awareness of failure so you'll be equipped with actionable tools to bring to your team and help them get over their fear of failure.

Signs Your Athlete May Be Struggling With A Lack Of Resilience

Has difficulty bouncing back after making a mistake or losing a game.
Quits when the competition becomes difficult.
Falls apart on the field when they’re emotional or stressed.
Becomes easily overwhelmed by challenges.
Preoccupied with (and talks a lot about) looking stupid in front of their peers.
Doesn't believe they will get better with practice.
Blames others. (i.e. teammates, coaches, referees).
Is way too hard on themselves or expects perfection.


Sound familiar? Here's where to start...


The Mindful Competitor Project

The Mindful Competitor Project is our online training, designed for athletes and coaches to learn and implement a consistent mindfulness practice to increase performance using 5 simple and effective mindfulness tools.

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Resources to help your athletes develop mental toughness

When you're ready to help your athletes bounce back from failure, develop mental toughness, and build unshakeable self-belief. So they can approach any challenge with the right mindset.

15 Signs Of A Mentally Tough Athlete

Does your team know what mental toughness really looks like? Use this straightforward tool to take the ambiguity out of 'mental toughness' to hold your team accountable. Hang this FREE poster in your locker room as a reminder to your team of the daily habits of mentally tough athletes.  


Good reads about how to build unshakeable self-belief

These articles will help you develop tough, focused and resilient athletes, On and off the court.


8 Actionable Tips to Help You Build Resilience

It's easy to celebrate success. It's a lot harder to celebrate failure. Discover the ways our brain tries to keep us safe by avoiding failure, with 8 actionable ways you can become more resilient today.

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7 Ways to Develop Tough, Resilient, and Focused Athletes

We give the research, tools, and action plan to coaches to help them build tough, resilient, and focused athletes from the ground up. Includding a bonus PDF download.

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8 Reasons No One Cares You're Tired

Sometimes your athletes need to hear a different voice than yours; and who better than an Olympian? We asked Olympic Silver Medalist, Courtney Thompson, to share her perspective on fighting fatigue in athletic performance.

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Podcast episodes all about developing mental toughness

Enjoy this sampling of The Mindset Coach Academy podcast episodes on building resilience and mental toughness — from celebrating failure to the impact of one single thought and so much more. All in podcasts you can take on the go. 


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