Are you ready to finally have a proven, easy-to-implement mental training system that will increase your athletes competitiveness? 

Introducing: The Ultimate Competitor System for Coaches™

Finally, a simple system for coaches that delivers daily, weekly, and gameday mindset routines; giving you and your athletes the confidence to compete at your best.

What Is The Ultimate Competitor System for Coaches™?

An online and mobile training course and system that gives you the tools and the framework to build a proven, simple, and powerful mindset training program.

My name is Lindsey Wilson

And I'm the founder of Positive Performance. 

10 years ago, I started training athletes minds using the same tools that allowed me to play professional basketball.  My goal was simple: Empower them to use their mindset to change their lives. 

I felt I had been let in on a secret that was too good to keep to myself, and I wanted the world to know.

But I soon realized that when I worked with a team, unless I left them with a system that was straightforward and simple to lead, they struggled to maintain mental training  after I left. 

No matter how passionate the coach was about shifting their team's mindset, if they didn't have their marching orders, it became too difficult to keep up. 

So, I created a proven, simple, easy-to-implement system that is focused and actionable, with buildable routines that ANY coach can stick to. 

This is that system. 

This is What is Included In The Ultimate Competitor System™

  • A 16-week framework that gives you a clear roadmap to success.
  • Online (and mobile!) access to this system, complete with training videos, guided visualizations, worksheets, learning resources, and more. 
  • Downloadable materials you can bring to your athletes to make teaching easy. 
  • Access to our 3-part system Learn, Practice, Execute that has made mental training STICK for thousands of athletes (and made things SO much easier and rewarding for coaches).

Here's a Sneak Peek

LEARN: WEEKLY Mental Training Plans

PRACTICE: DAILY Mental Training At Your Fingertips

EXECUTE: GAME DAY with Proven Routines

What Makes This System So Powerful?

We take you step-by-step through our roadmap (pictured below), each tool building on the last. Then, by using our LEARN, PRACTICE, EXECUTE system, you can easily maintain and strengthen what you've learned over time.

What Our Previous Students Say...

*note The Ultimate Competitor System™ in its entirety is a new online program, but we've been implementing the system for years, and coaches have gone through individual online courses that are included in the system.

 I’ve reviewed many material and courses related to developing mental toughness and it is my opinion this is one of the best! Everything from the videos to the visualization audio to the printable documents is top-notch. I’ll implement this with my team and believe it will truly make them, not only better competitors, but also give them the ability to overcome any obstacle they face.

- Coach Alan Eife

This Will Help Them In Soccer... And in Life

I enjoyed the training very much–it gives many tangible tools to use that I intend to implement starting in the spring with my women’s soccer team. I think the post-competition critique, the Arousal level worksheet, and the highlight reel worksheet will be very useful for my team in terms of getting themselves ready for matches, but also in terms of getting to know themselves better, which should really help a lot not just on the soccer field, but in life. This course by Positive Performance Training doesn’t just give you the worksheets and other tools–it gives many suggestions on how to implement them and most importantly, why it’s best to do it that way. I had a lot of “A-ha!” moments during the training.

" - Kevin, Club Soccer Coach  

"The Mental Huddle Foundation Program has been a tremendous asset to our team. The content and layout exceeded my expectations."

Coach Michelle

"The best time to start mental training was yesterday, the second best time is today."

Courses Included in The Ultimate Competitor Mental Training System

We integrated some of our most popular existing courses into this complete system. (You might recognize some of them!)

The BRAVR™ Method

Our most popular tool and training of all time. This simple, DAILY, pre-practice visualization exercise is a mental training routine that pulls together all the skills you and your athletes are learning and makes it easy to reinforce and improve on a daily basis. It also drastically improves the quality of your practices. 

Mental Huddle Foundations

Team Weekly Workshops 

You'll also receive our popular Mental Huddle Foundation Program with worksheets videos and guided visualizations designed to be 30 minutes or so on specific topics such as:

  • Motivation

  • Getting over a losing streak

  • Physical toughness

  • Team accountability 

  • and more...

Course Access: The Psychology of Competition

This is our full, game day mental training plan complete with:

  • Pre-Competition Routines to help athletes deal with the pressure of competition and prepare their minds for competition.
  • In-Competition Routines to stay focused, maintain a competitive mindset, and recover quickly from failure. 
  • Post-Competition Routines to help athletes look critically at their performance and IMPROVE after each competition. 


Value: Priceless

Private Mindset Community 

With The Ultimate Competitor SystemTM, you'll be introduced to a special community of other mindset coaches.  You'll support each other, learn from each other, and hold each other accountable. 

Because you were meant to have a massive impact

*A note from Lindsey

You are here for a reason. You know how passionate you are about mindset work. And (let's be honest) you probably are ALREADY coaching your athletes on their mindset. But you also don't have a system, maybe you don't know how to create a system or you don't have time to try to build one. If you are like most coaches, you are wasting time experimenting with new techniques hoping that something will stick. 

You are probably getting frustrated, TRYING really hard, giving your best effort to help your kids, but it's just not working at the level you need it to. 

You aren't alone. And, it isn't your fault. A DIY program isn't working. Let's set you up for success with a proven, simple system. 

I am passionate about helping driven coaches get the training they need in order to impact the world the way they dream of. If that's you, I'd love to help you.

I can PROMISE this system will work if you work (we guarantee it:)




3 Payments of


Instant Access

1 payment


Instant Access

Because Mental Training Shouldn't Be Done Half Way



How long do we have access to the online trainings?

You have 15 months. Ideally, whether you are in season or off season, you'll be able to use this for one whole season. 

What if I'm in season/off season? Is this still a good time to buy? 

Yes! As they say, "The best time to start mental training was yesterday, the second best time is today".

You'll have access for 15 months, so if you want to start going through the training yourself before you implement it with your athletes, great.

If you are in season and need to implement it right away, get started one tool at a time, and if you don't get through the whole system this season, your athletes will be that much more prepared to dive into the rest of it next year.

Does this count for CEUs?

We have had coaches submit this and get approved for credit. We can't guarantee it, of course, but we've included a course syllabus in the system that you can submit. 

What is the investment in the program?

It's $347 today or 3 payments of $133.  

The timing isn't ideal for me, will this be offered in the future?

Probably, but the price is only good currently and will increase.

Are there refunds?

Of course (with some restrictions). We want you to be satisfied. To get a refund, you must request one within 30 days and you must have completed at least some of the course work. 

I'm super busy, what is the time commitment?

First of all, everyone is busy. So if mindset coaching isn't a priority, you won't MAKE time for it. If it is, then you will.

That said, the goal of this system is to actually SAVE you time so that you aren't always reacting to mental training challenges (which zap your time and energy) and playing whack-a-mole every time a mental challenge surfaces.

The other time-saving benefit is that you'll no longer have to try to figure out what to do when and spend time sorting through various ideologies. Our implementation guide is an 'at your fingertips' resource that makes it SUPER simple to access and use the right mental training resources.

Do you have a spare 5 minutes at Friday's practice? Play a guided visualization for your team. Do you have an extra 30 minutes? Knock out a Mental Huddle. 

No more wasting time. 

You can go through the trainings at your own pace, but we encourage you to commit to 30 minutes a week and 10 minutes a day. If you can do this, you'll learn a TON and be able to easily implement this into your existing practices. 

How is this different from the Certifications you offer?

The purpose of this training to make you a better coach by helping you increase your coaching toolbox and skills. This is not designed to teach you how to work with clients, start a business, or become certified in our training. The goal is to give you all the tools you need and offer framework on how to effectively implement mental training with your existing athletes or team. 

What if I've already completed the Psychology of Competition? 

Reach out to use directly for a discount towards this system [email protected]

What age group does this work best with? 

This is a tough question without knowing your exact situation. As a blanket rule we usually say it's best for 13+. However, we have had coaches implement mental training with younger athletes. It really depends on their maturity and commitment to their sport. 

Set Yourself Up for Success with a Proven, Simple System that makes it EASY for you to develop great competitions. 


3 Payments of


Instant Access

1 payment


Instant Access

50% Complete


We'll be in touch as soon as doors open again.  Stay Tuned.