Learn, Practice, Execute: A Proven System For Developing Competitors, From Practice To Playoffs.

In 10 Minutes/Day + 30 Minutes/Week

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The Real Reason Your Athletes 'Aren't Competitive'

Learn why being 'lazy' or 'non competitive' is not actually the problem (and what really is). 

The 10-20-20 Rule.

A coaching mindset shift that will help you prioritize mental training efforts and radically alter your results. 

The #1 Mindset Tool for Dealing with Failure

Recover from failure, confidently compete, and stay present when it matters most with this simple tool. 

Learn, Practice, Execute

Your marching orders for building a mental training program from the ground up. 

How To Know if This Training is For You

If you've ever thought (or said) any of the following, this training is for you.

"My team plays well in practice but falls apart on the field."

"I want to do more mental training with my team but I don't know what tools will make the biggest impact. "

"My athletes often lose to inferior opponents"

"My athletes have difficulty maintaining focus and executing plays when the pressure is on."

"I try to tell my athletes to be more competitive, but I'm just not getting through to them. "

"My athletes take feedback personally and react emotionally."

"My athletes talk negatively about their performance or skill."

"My athletes fail to take risks in competition"

"My athletes make excuses for why they performed poorly"

"My team is not motivated by tough competition"

"My athletes get overstimulated and have difficulty relaxing when they need to."

"My team wins or loses the game in the first few minutes"

"My athletes have difficulty focusing and/or remembering plays"

"My athletes fail to recover after a mistake (i.e. one mistake quickly turns into five)."

About Your Coach

Hi, I'm Lindsey! I'm the founder of Positive PerformanceTM and The Mindset Coach AcademyTM

Over the last 15 years, I've developed over 10 free and paid courses and certifications (+ hundreds of resources)  to help coaches bring the transformative power of mental training to athletes. I've also been featured in the NYTimes, Huffington Post, and various news outlets around the world. 

I'm living proof that Mental Training really WORKS. Not only do I see the evidence every day in the lives of the people I coach, I know firsthand. As a young athlete, mental training saved my career and led me to play basketball professionally all over the world for 8+ years. 

I'm also a wife and mommy and find my life's passion of helping people maximize their potential applies to all of us, on the playing field and off. 

I'm really happy you're here and I can't wait to meet you inside!  

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