Is there is another level for you as a coach?


Introducing The Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox™

Finally, a simple system for coaches that want to step into their best coaching selves and have the impact they know they can.

What Is The Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox™?

A self-paced course (with lifetime access*) that teaches you how to solve the 3 biggest mental training challenges: lack of resilience, lack of confidence and competition issues such as underperformance or inconsistency in a systematic, easy to implement program that takes the guess work out of what to do (plus a whole lot of bonus material you can use to change your own mindset and your teams)


  • Stop leaving potential on the table with your athletes?
  • Have a complete system that takes the guess work out of mental training?
  • Know what to do when your athletes are underperforming?
  • Know to help athletes struggling with confidence?
  • Increase your athletes mental toughness and resilience?
  • Finally train your athletes minds in as little as 10 minutes a day?
  • Stop wondering if there is more you could do to help your athletes?
  • Have access to cutting edge resources at your fingertips?
  • Start training YOUR mind and seriously grow as a coach in a way you've always wanted to?
  • Stop wasting time by throwing things against the wall and hoping something sticks with mental training?
  • Finally be that coach that understands how to train your athletes brains? 
  • Increase your coaching expertise, credibility and impact?
  • Deepen your existing work and make a bigger impact with your athletes?
  • Stop saying ‘someday’ and finally invest in YOU as a coach?

If you know there is another level for you as a coach and you think that coaching the MIND is the next level, OR if you are already doing mental training but unsure what is working and need a trusted system to rely on and save you time and frustration, this training is for you.         

My name is Lindsey Wilson

And I'm the founder of Positive Performance and The Mindset Coach Academy. I’m also mommy, wife, entrepreneur, and mindset coach who is passionate about optimizing the mind.

10 years ago, I started training athletes minds using the same tools someone had taught me. My goal was simple: empower them to use their mindset to change their lives. 

I felt I had been let in on a secret that was too good to keep to myself. And I wanted the world to know.

But I knew I couldn't do it alone. So I started training coaches in these methods. After all, they were the ones at practice, talking to athletes in their office, dealing with mental breakdowns in games.

I also knew these coaches needed something simple, a step-by-step system that empowered them to live and teach mental training, saving them time and frustration and increasing their coaching impact. Finally, they could get the results they deserved.

This is that system. 


What's Included In The Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox™

  • 3 Mental Training Toolboxes teaching you how to deal with the top 3 mental training challenges
  • A toolbox for YOU to learn mental training so you can live it and then teach it confidently.
  • A bonus toolbox to use with your team (yes that is 5 mental training toolboxes) that is plug and play. You can start this work immediately. 
  • A library of additional resources:  worksheets, and supplemental training materials, guided visualizations scripts, e-books and more. 
  • The Coaches Toolbox also includes access to a supportive, national, online community of coaches like you who know that the key to success is training the mental game.

  • An organized IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE that takes ALL of the resources you get and presents them in an easy to follow, easy to access system. This is pure gold so you can STOP wondering what to do when or even WHERE a tool is. Save time by using our guide. 

I could go on, but you get the idea. This is the Toolbox that will take you from coach that has GREAT intentions with mental training, maybe is implementing some tools here and there, to a coach that knows EXACTLY how to help their athletes. 

The 3 Main Toolboxes

Resilience and Mental Toughness

What if I told you that the way we've been taught to develop mental toughness is ALL wrong?! To be mentally tough, to be brave comes from the inside out. Train athletes minds to reduce fear and anxiety so they can step into their best selves. 


What would it mean for your coaching to be able to actually develop true and lasting confidence in your athletes for their LIVES? Not by believing in them (you already do that) but by giving them the tools to do it for themselves.

Competition Issues

Let me guess, you have athletes that either underperform or are inconsistent? The solution is simple; consistent results come from consistent preparation. Develop a pre, during and post competition routine for yourself AND your athletes. It's simple and it works. 

What Our Previous Students Say...

*note The Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox™ in its entirety is a new program, the following students completed individual pieces of it.

 I’ve reviewed many material and courses related to developing mental toughness and it is my opinion this is one of the best! Everything from the videos to the visualization audio to the printable documents is top-notch. I’ll implement this with my team and believe it will truly make them, not only better competitors, but also give them the ability to overcome any obstacle they face.

Alan Eife

This Will Help Them In Soccer....And in Life

I enjoyed the training very much–it gives many tangible tools to use that I intend to implement starting in the spring with my women’s soccer team. I think the post-competition critique, the Arousal level worksheet, and the highlight reel worksheet will be very useful for my team in terms of getting themselves ready for matches, but also in terms of getting to know themselves better, which should really help a lot not just on the soccer field, but in life. This course by Positive Performance Training doesn’t just give you the worksheets and other tools–it gives many suggestions on how to implement them and most importantly, why it’s best to do it that way. I had a lot of “A-ha!” moments during the training.

" -Kevin (club soccer coach)  

"The Mental Huddle Foundation Program has been a tremendous asset to our team. The content and layout exceeded my expectations."

Coach Michelle

Investment Worth Making

"This was a great course and well worth the moderate amount of time that it takes to complete it. The worksheets that I now get to implement with my new young and inexperienced high school basketball team are going to benefit our program as a whole for seasons to come.

" -Dave McIntosh  

"Working through this course could not be easier. Make no mistake, what is presented is powerful information to change an athlete into having their best mindset heading into every practice and competition they face. This provides not only the physiological and psychological reasons for what challenges an athlete’s mind, it provide the light of rationale and tools to effective make the breakthrough with each of your athletes. "


The Complete Coaches Mental Training Toolbox™

Bonus #1 Value: $1000

In addition to the 3 Main Toolboxes, you'll also receive bonuses to help you learn mental training and quickly create massive change with your athletes

The Positive Performance Coaches Toolbox Success and Implementation Guide

This guide contains:

  • A reference guide for exactly WHERE all of our techniques are located inside of the courses.
  • A prescription of common challenges and solutions for your clients.
  • A time saving hack that will show you were to start and where to quickly grab resources. 
  • Worksheets on how to actually create change. Quickly grab a worksheet to use at your next practice. 

    This is not a part of the early release and will be released Mid May

Bonus #2 Value: $1000

 Team Toolbox 

You'll also receive our popular Mental Huddle Foundation Program, the Guided Visualization course and other resources that make implementation easy and fun. You can start immediately with effective, simple done for you, mental training workshops 

Bonus #3 Value: $947

Positive Performance Courses and Certifications


With The Complete Coaches Mental Training ToolboxTTM program, you'll get instant access to 9 courses designed to give you all the mental training tools and knowledge you will need in order to effectively work with an athlete, team, or organization... and make a massive impact. 

Bonus #4 Value: Priceless

Private Mindset Community 

With The Complete Coaches Mental Training ToolboxTM, you'll be introduced to a special community of other mindset coaches.  You'll support each other, learn from each other, and hold each other accountable. 

Because you were meant to have a massive impact

*a note from Lindsey

You are here for a reason. You know how passionate you are about mindset work. And (let's be honest) you probably are ALREADY coaching your athletes on their mindset. But you also don't have a system, don't know how to create a system, and do the throwing spagetti approach (you read an article or see a video on mental training and try it). But here's the problem; you don't know what works and frankly don't have the time to figure it out.  

I am passionate about helping driven coaches get the training they need in order to to impact the world. If that's you, I'd love to help you.

The best part? YOUR life will CHANGE too. 

I want to work with coaches that:

  1. Are ready, willing, and excited to work on their mindset FIRST as they grow into becoming the mindset coach they wish they had.
  2. Believe this is a lifelong process of improving the mind.
  3. Believe in and are willing and excited to contribute to a COMMUNITY of mindset coaches who are all growing together. 










Because you do things just a little bit differently 



How long do we have access to the online trainings?

You'll have access to all of the online resources for the lifetime of the course, including any updates we make. 

Does this count for CEUs?

We have had coaches submit this and get approved for credit. We can't guarantee it, of course, but there is a course syllabus you can submit. 

What is the investment in the program?

There is a one time payment of $697 or a 3 part payment plan of $250.

The timing isn't ideal for me, will this be offered in the future?

Yes, but the price is only good currently and will increase.

Are there refunds?

Of course (with some restrictions). We want you to be satisfied. Must be within 7 days. 

I'm super busy, what is the time commitment?

First of all, everyone is busy. So if mindset coaching isn't a priority, you won't MAKE time for it. If it is, then you will.

That being said, the goal is actually to SAVE you time so that you aren't always reacting to mental training challenges (which sap your time and your energy) and playing whack-a-mole. 

The other benefit is not trying to figure out what to do when and then spend time trying to sort through things- our implementation guide is a 'at your fingertips' resource that makes it SUPER simple to grab mental training resources. Have 15 minutes at Friday's practice? Grab a workshop outline and worksheet and do mental training easily. No more wasting time. 

You can go through the trainings at your own pace but if you could commit to 30 minutes a week, you'll learn a TON and be able to easily implement this within your existing practices with some simple mental training resources we provide. 

How is this different from the Certifications you offer?

The purpose of this training to make you a better coach; by helping you increase your coaching toolbox and skills. This is not designed to teach you how to work with clients, start a business or become certified in our training. The goal is to give you all the tools you need to effectively implement mental training with your existing athletes or team. 

I'm in my off-season. Is this still a good time to buy?

There is no bad time to purchase this if you are willing to commit to going through the training. Plus you have lifetime access to the courses so you can go at your own pace. Keep in mind the pricing you see is the early bird pricing so it will likely be more in the future. 



Because Your Athletes Need You 

Let's DO this!

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We'll be in touch as soon as doors open again.  Stay Tuned.