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With Mental Training Expert Lindsey Wilson

Dear Coach,

I could tell you how scientific studies support a strong correlation between mental training practice and high levels of performance in Olympic Athletes. Or how numerous studies have also shown that mental fitness, like physical fitness, is trainable but must be continually and consistently practiced.

But you probably already know this.

What you might not know (or have the time to figure out) is how to TEACH your athletes how to become competitors. Maybe competing comes naturally for you and you wonder why your athletes don't have it, maybe they have it sometimes but get overly nervous other times, or maybe you just feel like there is a whole other level to them that you SHOULD be training but don't even know where to start.

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Coaches often come to us because they KNOW the mind is important (they might even be already trying to train it) but they have no time to create a consistent, structured program. So they throw together some stuff, feel bad because it isn't better, until they realize that their time is much better spent by simply implementing a program that already works.

Don't reinvent the wheel. If you want your athletes to compete better and more consistently, this program will show you how to get them there. Step by step.

I've been a college and professional athlete, worked with athletes from youth to Olympians, and implemented mental training programs at over 150 universities across the nation. I can say without question, that this program is our BEST ever for coaches sick and tired of watching their athletes underperform.

If that's you. Welcome. I'm so glad you are here.

Lindsey Wilson | Positive Performance Founder

Lindsey Wilson draws from nearly a decade of experience competing professionally to create mental training programs that are relevant, impactful, and attainable for athletes.

She draws real-world wisdom from her relationships with some of the top trainers and athletes in her field, her degree in Sociology, and her understanding of team chemistry and leadership. She backs this up with years of scientific research on the areas of mental performance training.


Become A Mental Training Guru - The Easy Way

With actionable pre-competition, in-competition and post-competition routines you can create consistent performance in your athletes. In Psychology of Competition™: Coaches Certification Program you learn the techniques necessary to teach your athletes how to approach every competition calm, focused and prepared.

What is included:
  • A step-by-step mental training game plan set up into 6 simple modules
  • A built in mental training assessment to track your progress
  • Mental exercises & tools that are used to quickly use to overcome mistakes and failure
  • Open community and Q&A areas to get advice from the Positive Performance community
  • One year of access to the training, any updates and supplemental tools
  • Use with your entire program. This training is licensed to use with your team. That means for $299 you can get the system and tools we use with our $1399-$9500 trainings. 
  • Add to your resume. After completing this training,  you'll be certified in The Psychology of Competition. 

"I absolutely loved The Psychology of Competition: Coaches Certification. I feel equipped and confident to teach this to my team and I know it will provide valuable results this season. "

Gina Castelli
Head Coach LeMoyne Women's Basketball

Watch The Video To See What It's Like to Train With Lindsey

Here is one of the videos we use in the course: The Mental Component to a Physical Warm-up.

Other videos include but aren't limited to:
Can I do Mental Training with Younger Athletes?
How to use a technique we call the 'alter ego' to help your athletes that are more shy or reserved find their 'game face'.
Implementing a routine for you as a coach when you get frustrated or mad during competition.


"I enjoyed the training very much–it gives many tangible tools to use that I intend to implement starting in the spring with my women’s soccer team. I think the post-competition critique, the Arousal level worksheet, and the highlight reel worksheet will be very useful for my team in terms of getting themselves ready for matches, but also in terms of getting to know themselves better, which should really help a lot not just on the soccer field, but in life. This course by Positive Performance Training doesn’t just give you the worksheets and other tools–it gives many suggestions on how to implement them and most importantly, why it’s best to do it that way. I had a lot of “A-ha!” moments during the training."

Coach & Verified User






6 Modules of training

Worksheets and resources to use with your team. 


"I’ve reviewed many material and courses related to developing mental toughness and it is my opinion this is one of the best! Everything from the videos to the visualization audio to the printable documents is top-notch. I’ll implement this with my team and believe it will truly make them, not only better competitors, but also give them the ability to overcome any obstacle they face."

Alan Eife
Coach & Verified User

"Working through this course could not be easier. Make no mistake, what is presented is powerful information to change an athlete into having their best mindset heading into every practice and competition they face. This provides not only the physiological and psychological reasons for what challenges an athlete’s mind, it provide the light of rationale and tools to effective make the breakthrough with each of your athletes."

Coach & Verified User

"This was a great course and well worth the moderate amount of time that it takes to complete it. The worksheets that I now get to implement with my new young and inexperienced high school basketball team are going to benefit our program as a whole for seasons to come."

Dave McIntosh
Coach & Verified User


How does this work?

Once you purchase you will get access to the online course for one year. It takes about 3 hours total to complete the course but we recommend breaking it up into 20-30 minute chunks. Log-in from your computer or mobile device.

How long do we have access to the training?

We understand that life happens, and that just because you enroll today that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to finish (or even start) the training this week. And that’s ok! The license is for an entire year, so take your time... even come back and redo modules later on.

Does this count for CEUs?

We have had coaches submit this and get approved. We can't guarantee it of course but their is a course syllabus you can submit. 

For what age range does this training work best?

The training resources you will learn are recommended for implementation for ages 13+. 







6 Modules of training

Worksheets and resources to use with your team. 



If you do the work and don’t get the value, then we don’t deserve your money, it’s just that simple.(*Must notify us within 14 days of purchase.)


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