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Life is Too Short to Play Small

...In our life OR in our coaching. When we develop our mindset FIRST, we can step into teaching, coaching and influencing others. With The Ultimate Competitor System™ grow into and become the mindset coach your athletes need. Use our proven 16 week plan every year to optimize your coaching. 


Play Bigger in Your Life By Mastering Your Mindset

If you have a nagging sense you could do or be more.... congratulations, you are in the right place. Let's do this. 


We Have 3 Main Paths to Mastering Your Mindset

Online Courses

This is for coaches, athletes and teams to learn mindset coaching to optimize performance and improve their mindset. 


Life Coaching for Coaches

This is for coaches or former athletes who want to use mindset coaching to optimize their life. 


Mindset Coach Certification

This is for aspiring or existing mindset coaches who want to get certified and build a mindset coaching business. 


I'm Lindsey, Founder of Positive Performance

A master mindset coach, entrepreneur and mom I know how easy it can be to not 'go for it' in life when things get busy. But as a former professional athlete, I know WELL how as athletes and coaches, we can dig down, work on our mindset and find another level in our performance and our life. I can teach you to do the same. 

Because you are too tough to not 'go for it' in your life. 

Let's do this. 


3 (FREE) Ways to Begin For Coaches Who Want to Improve their Team's Mental Toughness

If you want to use our proven systems and courses to take mindset coaching to your athletes, start here.

I Want An Intro to Mental Training

Our Mental Training 101 Course is a great place to start or review mental training.

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I Want Better Competitors

We recommend our free masterclass. Game Face: Inside the Minds of Great Competitors

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I Want Tougher Athletes

Download our Free Cheat Sheet: 7 Ways to Develop Tough, Focused, Resilient Athletes so you can improve your performance.

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We are Tough and Driven, Just like you. 

If you are a coach, you have been in the arena fighting. You are competitive, tough and driven. You don’t need mindset coaching for that.

But are you truly optimizing your life FULLY?

Most of us aren’t. And most of us can’t without coaching. As athletes we think discipline and hard work are going to get us where we want to go.


Our mindset is THE driver in all we do and if we don’t ACTIVELY train it, it works against us ALL DAY LONG.

That’s why we teach coaches all about mindset, for their teams, yes, but also for THEM. Because as leaders, influencers the best way to improve your coaching is to improve yourself. Do you NEED mindset coaching. Of course not. But to get to the next level? To the level you were meant to be at? Yes, you do.

Here at Positive Performance we’ll teach you how to improve your athletes with our popular training systems. But we also help YOU improve, either with our life mindset coaching or the select few that join our Mindset Coach Academy™ certification program.

Whichever path you choose, we are here to help you master your mindset and optimize your life.


"This program allows you to see the areas in your life where you’ve been holding yourself back and it really forces you to challenge those beliefs that you’ve held about yourself that keep you small and hidden."

Coach Nikki Dieball
Assistant Volleyball Coach, Southern Nazarene University Director, RISE Volleyball Club, Positive Performance Certified Mindset Coach

Dreaming of Being a Mindset Coach But Don't Know Where To Start? We Got You.

Get off the sidelines and work with your 1st client today with our Free Ultimate Mindset Coaching Toolkit

Master Your Mindset, Daily

Massively shift your mindset in 5 minutes a day with our popular podcast, The Inner Game.

"You should know that we had a historical season at Le Moyne  We were the first WBB team to Win the NE-10 Championship along with winning the Regular season SW division Championship.  We went to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament (lost by 2pts).  We ended with a 26-6 record which was the best record in school history and along the way we had a 14 game win streak and were ranked in the top 25!!  IT WAS AMAZING:) I KNOW your program had a lot to do with this! THANK YOU SO MUCH, I hope to do something again next year! "

Gina Castelli
Head Women's Basketball Coach, LeMoyne

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