Is your (secret) dream
to be a mindset coach?
I can help. 

Create a profitable, passion filled business with our world class 4-month Mindset Coach Academy™ certification program.

Is your (secret) dream
to be a mindset coach? I can help. 

Create a profitable, passion filled business with our world class 4-month Mindset Coach Academy™ certification program.

Do you feel like you are called to help people unlock their potential?

It’s likely you are a coach already in some regard. You’ve probably coached or played almost your entire life… you are ALWAYS coaching others even if unofficially… your athletes, your sister, your colleague, the person you sit next to on the plane.

You are passionate about the power of our minds to create our lives.

Maybe you got interested in the mindset side of coaching because

  • You got mindset coaching early and it made all the difference.


  • You didn’t get it when you needed it and wish you did (better late than never!)

Now you look around and see so many people around you struggling because they don’t know even the SIMPLEST tools to manage their mind.

Tools that YOU Know.

You look around and see:

  • Wasted potential….
  • Miserable athletes and coaches.….
  • No passion or drive- just fear and playing small….

What a waste! You might think. I wonder if I can help (more)?

"This program and the team of people Lindsey has put together is the "real deal" pushes you right when you feel overwhelmed, cheers you on when you have a break through and then holds your hand until you have all details set up/ironed out that you didn't even know you needed. If you have been curious about Mental Performance and how to start a business then this course is a MUST for you. It "marries" the two in a total badass sort of way that TOTALLY makes sense! If your on the fence about enrolling, call me - I gotcha!"

Betsy Maxfield
Youth Sports Navigator

You are in the right place...

I'm here to help aspiring mindset coaches build their passion filled, profitable business.

It’s my job to help coaches, athletes, therapists, trainers and others….

  • Learn the skills of mindset coaching in athletics.
  • Develop the ability to communicate the value of their work in a way that feels aligned and authentic. 
  • Live what they preach in their life and business. 
  • Turn their experience (good and ‘bad’) and use their voice to pay it forward and impact lives. 
  • Find a fulfilling career that makes you feel like you have found your purpose. 
  • Create a living legacy of helping people AND creating a business that feeds your family and your soul. 
  • Be an example of what is possible when you bet on yourself as an entrepreneur (and balance life and family). 
  • And also make sure that mindset coaches NOT interested in making money in this field have simple and accessible tools to implement with their teams and athletes. 


How to Become A Mental Performance Coach

Getting started as a mindset coach doesn’t have to be a ‘someday in the future’ thing. You can stop googling about it, or reading ALL the books or thinking it’s a career reserve for people that have 5 years and $100k to spend on getting an advanced degree. You can get started… now.

Here’s what Positive Performance is all about:

When I started in this field, I DIDN’T KNOW HOW I WAS GOING TO BRING MINDSET COACHING TO THE WORLD BUT I KNEW I HAD TO FIGURE IT OUT. So I did. But it was SLOW and I made 1 million avoidable mistakes. I won’t let you do that.

I also know not everyone passionate about mindset coaching wants to start a business. That’s why we have loads of online courses and DIY resources (paid and free) for coaches that just want to take mindset coaching to their athletes.

Our signature offer is our 4 month certification (with a separate follow up mastermind for graduates) that is in line with our mission to bring mindset coaching to the world (we have over 100 graduates all around the world).

"I love Lindsey's approach and energy and her courses are so organized and well thought out. The community she created is life changing. I’ve always benefited from a coach and a team but didn’t really have it since college. What Lindsey’s created with her Mindset Coach Academy not only helped me create my dream business impacting lives…. It’s changed ME as a business owner, mom and as a human. Getting certified was NOT easy for me from a time or money investment but it was 100% worth it. I Highly recommend The Mindset Coach Academy!"

Bianca Campell
Rise Mindful Performance

I'm Lindsey Wilson, I believe the world needs more mindset coaches.

Obsessed with: working out, cooking, watching my bird feeder and hanging with my four daughters. I live in Seattle, WA and if we meet in person I might forget your name but I will never forget your face (seriously) and I will always see your potential (even when you don’t).

Get my free book: How to Become a Mental Performance Coach (Even without your sports psychology degree). 

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People need you. YOU.

And you deserve to see your gift impact other people. You deserve to live at your highest level. You deserve to make money doing what you were always meant to do. The Mindset Coach Academy Certification, our 4-month small group training program, has already helped almost 100 coaches create a mindset and mental performance coaching business that impacts lives and makes money.

Now it’s your turn. You in?