About Lindsey

Founder of Positive Performance


You’ve coached or played almost your entire life… you are ALWAYS coaching others… your athletes, your sister, your colleague, the person you sit next to on the plane.

You are freaking passionate about the power of the mind to create our life.

Maybe it’s because you got mindset coaching early and it made all the difference.

But more likely, it’s because you didn’t get it when you needed it and wish you did (better late than never!)

Now you look around and see so many people around you struggling because they don’t know even the SIMPLEST tools to manage their mind.

Tools that YOU Know.

You know there is something ‘there’ for you to help others AND grow yourself. A way to play bigger. To reach more people. To be more of who you were meant to be.

To challenge yourself AND have a bigger impact.

I get it.

I was right there with you. At 23 years old. Feeling called to…. Something.

At that time I was a professional basketball player and knew a thing or two about the mindset needed to play at that level.

But make no mistake about it….8 years before that I was all the way on the mental struggle bus.

Luckily, at 16 years old I found a mental coach. One that taught me about the limitless power of the mind.

And poof, my life changed.

That’s how powerful our work is. That is how powerful one coach can be.

It changed everything for me. (which is why I’m here paying it forward).

Fast forward to a successful collegiate career, playing professionally, and now 18 years as a mental performance coach and all along the way I’ve looked around and thought:

Why the f*** doesn’t anyone know how to manage their mind?

I'd look around and see: 

  • Wasted potential….
  • Miserable athletes and coaches.….
  • No passion or drive- just fear and playing small….

What a waste! I would think. Managing your mind is actually SIMPLE (not easy but simple).

I knew even if I could teach a handful of tools… that these tools would change LIVES.

So I started. Slowly a first. I called up coaches I knew and asked them if I could talk with their teams.

Athletes ate it up. They said ‘why have I not learned this before?'

Which is what I was thinking too when I first learned this stuff.

Coaches were breathing a sigh of relief. 

Finally, they would say, it’s not all on me trying to drag my athletes’ mindset to where it needs to be.


  • Do you look around and wonder why we spend so much time/money/energy on training athletes physically only to find they have little to no mental skills?
  • Do you wish you had a toolbox to help or a better way to deliver the tools you do know?
  • Are you sick of the reactive ‘throwing spaghetti against the wall’ approach to mental training and wish there was a SYSTEM you could follow that actually freaking works?
  • Do you wish you could make money, help people and feel fulfilled in your work/coaching?
  • Do you feel like being a mindset and mental performance coach is what you SHOULD be doing?… 

but you just never seem to be able to get going..

You aren’t sure where to start…

And it all feels just a little overwhelming with all the other things of ‘life’ that have to be done?

I get it.

I started my mindset coaching business with a whole lot of passion about mindset tools but no CLUE about how to package or sell it.

And I had no one to turn to.

I made SO many mistakes. I wasted SO much time on stupid decisions that I just would never have made if I’d had a guide.

Which is why I’m here talking to you. The world needs more mindset coaches.

We need YOU to move from unofficial mindset coach to official.

  • But in order to do this, you need the structure of a proven plan to make mindset training stick…..
  • You need that plan to be efficient and proactive….
  • and you probably want to make money at it (even if that also scares you a bit) and you have no clue (and some guilt maybe) about doing that. 

But you are likely spinning on where to start.

I want you to know. I didn’t know where to start either.



There were so many days I just wanted to quit. Instead, I kept going, no matter how bad things got.

I had one golden rule: practice what you preach.

In other words. I knew if I was going to ask my clients/athletes to overcome limiting thoughts, I needed to do the same.

I refused to think about how little I knew about business. I just kept going because someone needed to hear my message.

It took me years to figure out how to deliver mindset training in a way that works and to get out of my own way as a human with a brain that wants to play small. I learned how to:

  • Teach simple tools that work for all athletes at every level.
  • How to practice what I preach with mindset training for me as an entrepreneur
  • How to market, deliver and sell mindset training in an approachable, authentic way.
  • Do it all while having 4 beautiful girls in 7 years and working only 25 hours a week. 

It’s been over 18 years since I started my business with a heart full of passion, a head full of ideas and NO clue what to do with that.

I’m just like you.

A woman who saw the need for mindset coaching and decided to do something about it even though I had NO idea how to actually do that.

I figured it out. You can too.

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Today, I’m on a mission to make sure YOU have what you need to become a mindset coach.

Because people need you. YOU. And you deserve to see your gift impact other people. You deserve to live at your highest level. You deserve to make money doing what you were always meant to do.

The Mindset Coach Academy Certification, our 4-month small group training program, has already helped almost 100 coaches create a mindset and mental performance coaching business that impacts lives and makes money.

Now it’s your turn.

You in?