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Our online courses tackle the 3 biggest pain points that can be dramatically improved upon with mental training. Designed specifically for coaches looking to optimize their athlete's performance on and off the court.

Training for Coaches & Teams

The BRAVR™ Method 2.0

Our most popular resource of all time!

This visualization program has been downloaded over 5,000 times and been used by top athletes like Olympic Medalist Courtney Thompson and hundreds of collegiate, high school and club teams. This simple 5 step method will have your team focused and distraction free for practice or competition in just a few minutes. Now with bonus worksheets, a script and workshop outlines to get your team started right away.

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Mistake Ritual MagicTM

Stop wasting time. Stop watching your athletes turn one mistake into five. Stop watching them crumble in competition, helpless as to what to do. And proactive. Help them develop a mistake ritual to fall back on when things get tough (because we both know it will).

In this online video workshop you'll learn how to use our mistake ritual system (worksheet included) so you can easily teach it to your athletes or team in a simple 30 minute workshop.

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Mastering Your Self-TalkTM

Helps athletes build true and lasting confidence on a personal, sub-conscious level. Designed to combat performance-limiting tendencies, reinstate ownership over self-image, and reinforce confidence, stability, and success in sports and life. Creating a young athlete that truly believes in themselves on and off the playing field.

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The Psychology of CompetitionTM

As a coach, you know that the X’s and O’s are important but that often the difference maker in competition comes down to what is between your athletes’ ears. In this online certification program, learn how to develop your athletes as competitors with tools for pre-competition, during competition and post-competition.Β 

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The Mindful Competitor ProjectTM

Do you wonder if there is another level for you or your athletes? Do you feel like the mental 'game' is getting in your way but you don't know what to do about it? Look no further. This course will teach you EXACTLY how mindfulness can help your performance and give you a step by step instruction on how to make this a consistent part of your training routine. This is an easy to follow introduction to mindfulness for coaches, athletes and anyone who competes.

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Become A Certified Mindset Coach

The Mindset Coach AcademyTM

The Mindset Coach Academy is a 4 month small group training dual certification program that teaches you exactly how to build a mindset coaching business from the ground up, so that you can help people, live out your calling and make money.

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