A 2-Minute Lesson on Athlete Arousal

In this short clip from our free, 1-hour mental training masterclass for coaches, we discuss how coaches can use it to help their athletes get into the right headspace before competition

This snippet is taken from our full-length masterclass, Game Face: Inside the Minds of Great Competitors. Click the link to join our next class! 

There you have it! In this short clip, you learned that every athlete (and coach) has an ideal level of mind/body arousal for their best performance.

In the next part, we discuss how to pinpoint your ideal arousal, and how to achieve it for your highest level of performance.

Then (for the remainder of our 50+ minutes together) we'll teach you even more tools to help you create a team of relentless competitors who take ownership over their mindset. 

You ready to get started? 

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Game Face: Inside the Minds of Great Competitors. 


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Meredith Brick: How one Coach Redefined her Business and Raised her Prices 400%


Since we met Meredith nearly 4 months ago, she has transformed, personally and professionally. 

As an 8th Grade Science teacher, Head Coach of a High School Girl's Soccer team, and Assistant Coach of the Boy's Soccer Team, Meredith already had a lot on her plate when she heard about the Mindset Coach Certification; her resources were stretched thin.

Before she began the program, Meredith talked to us about her hesitation surrounding the financial investment. As a recent newlywed, she didn't know if she could afford it.

Ultimately, her passion for mindset coaching outweighed her fears, and she made the necessary sacrifices to invest in her future as a mindset coach and entrepreneur, even though it meant compromising the location of their honeymoon.

Meredith had the perfect combination of fear and hope that lit the fire under her to pursue becoming a Certified Mindset Coach and thrive as a student in the Mindset Coach Academy

Meredith is the proud owner of what...

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Sledding, Risk, and Doing What You Love

It’s the dead of winter in Seattle and it's snowing here. It's snowing a LOT. School is canceled, and we haven’t driven our cars in a week.  Our days have mostly revolved around sledding and sitting in front of a fireplace.

I LOVE sledding. It’s the perfect activity; allowing you to teeter on the edge of risk, some real, some imagined. I’ve been watching my daughter learn to love sledding over these past days and I've realized that how she approaches sledding is exactly how I approached starting my business. 

Understanding how we (collectively as humans) approach risk, and then examining how we individually learn and grow from it, is a fascinating exploration. What can I say, I nerd out on this stuff. 

On day 1 of Seattle's "Snowmageddon", we eagerly convened with all our friends at the base of the steepest hill in the neighborhood. It was beautiful. The hill was covered in perfect powdered snow, and a few rogue snowflakes...

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Using visualization to crush the next pitch

Coaches, have you ever had a hitter who puts in the work, does extra reps, and who genuinely cares?

She’s a player who legitimately works HARD.

Yet she continues to spin her wheels and her progress is slow at best, leaving both of you frustrated. However, she still has moments of brilliance that keep her going and reaffirm to you that she, indeed, can do it.

Knowing she’s capable, you push the fundamentals in practice and do everything possible to prepare her physically for competition. But nothing much comes from it.

So, what’s the next step?

If we were to poll all the softball coaches reading this, it's likely that most of us would say the mental game is incredibly important. Yet, when we examine the time spent working on our mental game each week we find we’re severely lacking.

Softball: The mental game

In the game of softball, I find that hitters most often lose out on the full benefits of mental training mainly because there are so many of them....

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Help me help you: 3 Ways coaches can reveal the truth behind mental training

One of the first things I tell the athletes I work with is this: I'm not here to fix you - there's nothing that needs to be fixed. I'm here to reveal more of you.

I tell them this because in the past so much of sports psychology has been rooted in psychology (duh), which is about pathology (i.e. fixing those of us that need help).

 What mental training IS NOT.

These days, thanks to people like Martin Seligman and the Positive Psychology movement, we realize that psychology isn’t just about fixing (though it can be). It’s about enhancing.

In a sentence:

Just because you don’t NEED help doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it.

And yet, some athletes still believe in the stigma of the sports psychologist: that using sports psychology in their training somehow means they are weak and not self-reliant.

And that’s a confidence killer.

Take one of the top badminton players in the world who, by all accounts, failed miserably mentally in a recent...

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Volleyball Olympian Courtney Thompson on mentally preparing (transcribed)

Originally posted in article Volleyball Olympian Courtney Thompson on the Mental Game and Leadership, published November 26, 2014.

Volleyball Olympian Courtney Thompson on Mentally Preparing

Transcription of interview conducted by Lindsey Wilson, Positive Performance Training 

Lindsey Wilson: Talk us through the mental preparation. You know one of the things obviously that we talk to our athletes a lot about is being able to see the success before you actually achieve it. And knowing that just because you see it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

Courtney Thompson: Right.

Lindsey: But you can almost assure that it’s not going to happen if you can’t see it.

Courtney: Right. Right. I think one thing I’ve learned is that if you don’t believe you can win, if you don’t believe your team can win, if you don’t believe in yourself, then there’s no point in showing up. And so for me, a lot of the work is doing enough training,...

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Courtney Thompson on the mental game (transcribed)

Originally posted in article Volleyball Olympian Courtney Thompson on the Mental Game and Leadership, published November 26, 2014.


Volleyball Olympian Courtney Thompson on the Mental Game

Transcription of interview conducted by Lindsey Wilson, Positive Performance Training 

Lindsey Wilson: I think we really wanted to talk to you Courtney because I know you were really known for being hardworking athlete, and that's something that I've always respected about you. But I just want to talk to you a little bit. You know, everybody thinks about hard work and the physical side of working hard. You know, pushing through physical pain and staying motivated and I'm always fascinated of course by the mental component to pushing past that physical pain and the mental component to discipline. So can you just talk al little bit about that?

Courtney Thompson: Yeah. I think for me, even at a young age, I think it's always been important to me to know my mission. You know? And to...

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