Become a Mental Performance Coach and Take Your Gift to the World.

Join our 4 month small group certification program and learn to impact lives with a fulfilling career.

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 Become a Mental Performance Coach and Take Your Gift to the World.

Join our 4 month small group certification program and learn to impact lives with a fulfilling career.

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Let’s face it, athletes are not getting the mental preparation tools that they need.

I know you see it too. That’s why you are here. That’s why I am here. The Mindset Coach Academy was started for a simple reason…During my entire athletic career at the high school, division 1 and professional level I looked around and saw all of us struggling and wondered ‘why the HELL isn’t anyone talking about the mental side of the game?

So many coaches (maybe like you) have spent time learning about mental training, seeing the need with their teams and their communities but still have no idea where to start with actually working with athletes in a more official capacity. With our 4 part system we take you through the 4 stages that build on wherever you are in your mental performance training journey to becoming a successful mindset coach.


The Mindset Coach Academy™

A Positive Performance Certification

A 4 month small group training and dual certification program where you will learn to develop the skill of mindset coaching and learn to package, price and sell it so you can start your dream business.

Let's talk about who this certification program is really for ...

You're passionate about mindset. Maybe you were lucky enough to learn about mindset early and it changed your life. Now you are ready to take it to others. Or, more likely, you didn't get mindset tools when you needed them and are now passionate that nobody should be caught mentally unprepared.

Whether you are...

  • A coach, former coach or athlete that wants to create a business as a mindset coach (and increase your skills as a coach).
  • A skill trainer or fitness trainer that wants to add mindset coaching to increase your impact and income, while separating you from your competition.
  • A current mindset coach, therapist or other professional that wants to add in mindset coaching for athletes.

You are in the right place. The Mindset Coach Academy will teach you mindset coaching. You'll learn all the tools you need to be successful with your clients and all the tools you need to create a business that creates massive change in yourself and your clients. 

By the end of this program you'll have:

Sat in the Mindset Student Chair

So that you can learn mindset tools on a personal level and deliver and sell them with the confidence that only comes from experience.

Learned All the Mindset Tools

That we’ve used for the past 15 years AND how to teach them in a way your clients will understand.

Learned How to Work 1:1 with Clients

By watching step by step video tutorials and then practicing … a lot, with all the learning tools and resources at your fingertips.

Become a Performance Visualization Specialist

So that you can create deep subconscious shifts for your clients in less time, with more value, and charge more $ with confidence.

Packaged and Priced Your Services

So that you can attract the right clients ready to make massive change and create a work life balance that works for you.

Developed a Strong Entrepreneur Mindset

So you can avoid the mistakes and self-sabotage that so many entrepreneurs make and have your hard work result in flow and ease and a thriving business.

Worked with Your First 1:1 Client

And learned how to market and sell your first 3 session package and beyond.

Created a Life-Long Support System

Of your mindset coaching peers that will push you and lift you up when things are tough.

Learn to find and sell to clients 

with our Authentic Sales Script workbook you'll learn to sell with confidence and in a way that aligns with your values. 

Learn to coach yourself, coach others and take your gift to the world by starting your own mindset coaching business.

The Mindset Coach Academy Certification will transform YOU and give you the confidence and tools to finally work with clients, allowing you to have the impact and income you want while doing work you love.

"Lindsey's program is a great next step for anyone who understands the basics (and power) of the subconscious brain and the mind-body connection as it relates sport. Lindsey has distilled her knowledge of the mind into easy to use tools and techniques that help you educate and train your athletes for optimal performance. The MCA then builds on her vast library of content to help coaches define, build and grow their business from the ground up."

Above The Game Training

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Hi, I'm Lindsey Wilson

I’m a mommy, wife, entrepreneur, and a mindset and high-performance coach who is passionate about optimizing the mind.

18 years ago, I started a mindset coaching business with no sports psychology degree and no business know-how, and built it into a multiple 6-figure business while working only 30 hours a week.

The best part is that not only is my work something I'm passionate about, it's something that I LIVE on a daily basis. As a mindset coach, I know that I have to work on myself FIRST before I can ever evoke change in someone else.

Truthfully, it took me a long time to come up with processes and methods to enable me to teach this to others. At the time, I wish there had been a way to be certified in these techniques, fast-track myself to success and to learn all the things I had no idea how to do: pricing, packaging, and selling. 

The world is ready for more mindset coaches. And many of them (like you) are sitting on the sidelines not sure how to start. That is why I created The Mindset Coach Academy Certification™.

This certification is what I wish I had.


Check Out These Mindset Coach Academy Alumni Success Stories

"Before I joined the Mindset Coach Academy, I had done some mental skills work with Division I teams, but I didn’t have a lot of content. I saw the potential mental training could have on athletes, but I was unsure if I was ready to take the next step. I’m so glad that I did. Once I started working with Lindsey, things just kind of fell into place. My first sale was for $4,000 for a 6 month program. I still have a picture of that very first check. Fast forward to 2020, I made $48,000 in mental coaching as a side business while working a full time job."


"Through the MCA I have made some amazing realizations about my own personal growth through mindset training, about how I can bet make an impact in the lives of the people I work with, and about the community of people that Lindsey brings together - I am so very grateful for the journey and I am inspired by the vision of the work we are able to bring into the world"


“As a coach, I had been teaching mental performance to my teams for about a decade, but I didn’t know how to turn it into a business. That’s why the Mindset Coach Academy really stood out for me. I ran a 4-week webinar while taking the course. I just wanted to throw stuff at the wall and see what stuck. I had 10 people sign up and it’s continued to grow from there. I just sold to a player on the New England Patriots!”

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The Mindset Coach Academy™ Open!

Spots are limited. Join the waitlist to have first access when applications open next.

The Certification Process

Month 1: Coach Yourself

You can't create change in other people without doing the work yourself. As a mindset coach, you have to live what you teach. If you want to make MASSIVE change with clients, you, my friend, have got to do THE WORK on yourself first. That's what this first month is all about.

Month 2: Performance Visualization Specialist™

You'll learn all the methods and processes that we use with our clients with a special emphasis on our most important tool: guided visualization. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to assign client work, and how to create your own content and methods. Finally, we will certify you as Performance Visualization Specialist™.

Month 3: Applied Practice

Take our methods into the world, create your own techniques, and start working with REAL clients and making real change. You'll be growing with your clients and your business to develop and design your mindset services in a way that aligns with the impact you desire.

Month 4: Take Your Gift to the World

This month, you'll learn how to package and price your services and create opportunities around you for mindset coaching. You'll take off the training wheels, submit all of your course work for approval, and become a Certified Mindset Coach™.

“I knew if I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t accomplish this on my own. I’d find myself in this exact same spot next year. The money was the only thing standing in my way. So we got creative and just found a way to make it happen. I actually made all the money back I invested in the course with my very first sale.”

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Be First to Know When the Doors to
The Mindset Coach Academy™ Open!

Spots are limited. Join the waitlist to have first access when applications open next.