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The Mindset Coach Academy™

A Positive Performance Certification Course 

The Mindset Coach Academy™ is a certification course that certifies a limited group of passionate Mindset Coaches, ready to take mental training to the world.


Have you been waiting for a way to change your life, impact others, and step into your FULL purpose?


  • Do fulfilling work with athletes, performers, executives, or ______; to elevate them to another level?
  • Have greater freedom to work when and where you want to, and train who you want to, in ways you are passionate about?
  • Shift your own mindset and up-level your life in a whole new way?
  • Improve your coaching resume and widen your reach by become a trained, certified expert in mindset training?
  • Know that your work is contributing to a greater good?
  • Have creative freedom to create trainings and workshops and books that allow your clients to make real, lasting change?
  • Have clarity about what you offer and how you package and price your services?
  • Create a second stream of income through flexible work that you can do from anywhere?
  • Deepen your existing impact with the people you already work with?
  • Stop saying ‘someday’ and finally invest in YOU?

If you've dreamed of becoming a mindset coach, or are already impacting lives with mindset coaching and want to increase your impact and reach, this training is for you.           

The Positive Performance Mindset Coach Certification™

Positive Performance is certifying a limited group of passionate Mindset Coaches, ready to take mental training to the world.

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My name is Lindsey Wilson

I’m a mommy, wife, entrepreneur, and mindset coach who is passionate about optimizing the mind.

10 years ago, I started a mindset coaching business with no sports psychology degree and no business know-how, and built it into a 6-figure business while working only 30 hours a week. 

The best part is that not only is my work something I'm passionate about, it's something that I LIVE on a daily basis. As a mindset coach, I know that I have to work on myself FIRST before I can ever evoke change in someone else. 

Truthfully, it took me a long time to come up with process and methods to enable me to teach this to others. At the time, I wish there had been a way to be certified in these techniques and fast track myself to success. 

The world is ready for more mindset coaches. And many of them (like you) are sitting on the sidelines not sure how to start. That is why I created The Mindset Coach Certification™. 

This certification is what I wish I had.

The Certification Process

Month 1: Coach Yourself

You can't create change in other people without doing the work yourself. As a mindset coach, you have to live what you teach. If you want to make MASSIVE change with clients, you, my friend, have got to do THE WORK on yourself first. That's what this first month is all about.

Month 2: Performance Visualization Specialist™

You'll learn all the methods and processes that we use with our clients. We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to assign client work, and how to create your own content and methods. Finally, we will certify you as Performance Visualization Specialist™. 

Month 3: Applied Practice

Take our methods into the world, create your own techniques, and start working with REAL clients and making real change. You'll be growing with your clients and your business to develop and design your mindset services in a way that aligns with the impact you desire. 

Month 4: Take Your Gift to the World

This month, you'll learn how to package and price your services and create opportunities around you for mindset coaching. You'll take off the training wheels, submit all of your course work for approval, and become a Certified Mindset Coach™.

What We Include in The Positive Performance Mindset Coach Certification™

  • First and foremost, you'll be the student and learn ALL the mindset tools, tips, and hacks to up-level your MINDSET and your LIFE.
  • This will be intense and lead you through a process to let go of self-limiting thoughts, create new positive processes, and develop energetic alignment between your big goals, your actions, and your subconscious brain. 
  • The exact blueprint and system I've used to coach over 1,000 athletes in person, and reach over 100,000 athletes online through our trainings. 
  • You'll have FULL access to all 10 of our online training courses.
  • TWO Certifications when you complete the homework and pass the course.
  • Behind-the-scenes look at how I've become an expert in this field with no prior business experience and no sports psychology degree. 
  • A library of business collateral, including: PowerPoints, worksheets, and supplemental training materials (this has cost me more than 15k and taken me over 10 years to develop).
  • The mindset of successfully packaging your services. You knew THIS was going to be included!  
  • Group coaching with me to fast-track your progress alongside an amazing peer community.  
  • A complete list of recommended resources (Creating this list has taken me years of research and trial-and-error).
  • Potential for inclusion on the Positive Performance site as a recommended resource and certified coach.
  • My process for connecting to and helping clients from the first phone call.
  • 4 months of step-by-step coaching. This service is priced at 12k for my 1:1 clients.
  • How to harness your unique knowledge and find your niche. 
  • The mindset and pricing shift that took my business to the next level. I wish I’d known about it 10 years ago! 
  • A real program that doesn't mess around. This is not a rubber stamp certification. It will take energy and work, you will get feedback, and YOU WILL NOT be certified unless you submit the course work and pass. That said, when you do (and we are here to help you every step of the way) you will be CRAZY PREPARED to impact lives, including your own. 
  • Ongoing certification requirements to ensure the highest standards for our company, certification, and industry. There will also be continuing education opportunities.  

I could go on, but you get the idea. I’m looking for coaches that are READY, that want to do the work, and that want to invest in themselves and their future. As always, I want to work with hungry individuals that have big, crazy dreams for the future and want to fast-track their success. NOW.

Serious coaches only.

What Our Students Say...

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