What is Mental Training?

With our goal to reach 1 million athletes and coaches with mental training, an important step in reaching that goal is answering the rudimentary (yet VITAL) question: What is mental training? 

If you’re reading this blog you likely fit into one of these categories: 

  • An athlete who is researching various ways to improve your performance and break through mental barriers.  
  • A parent who is looking for ways to help your struggling athlete.
  • A coach (or aspiring coach) who is new to mental training and wants to explore how it can help your team. 
  • A coach who is practicing mental training and wants a resource to help you explain it to athletes, parents, coaches, and athletic departments.

Whatever your path, we’re stoked that you’re here and hope that we can help you find clarity about what mental training is and how it can make a massive impact. 

(For the sake of clarity, we’ll be speaking to coaches in this blog, but...

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Help me help you: 3 Ways coaches can reveal the truth behind mental training

One of the first things I tell the athletes I work with is this: I'm not here to fix you - there's nothing that needs to be fixed. I'm here to reveal more of you.

I tell them this because in the past so much of sports psychology has been rooted in psychology (duh), which is about pathology (i.e. fixing those of us that need help).

 What mental training IS NOT.

These days, thanks to people like Martin Seligman and the Positive Psychology movement, we realize that psychology isn’t just about fixing (though it can be). It’s about enhancing.

In a sentence:

Just because you don’t NEED help doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it.

And yet, some athletes still believe in the stigma of the sports psychologist: that using sports psychology in their training somehow means they are weak and not self-reliant.

And that’s a confidence killer.

Take one of the top badminton players in the world who, by all accounts, failed miserably mentally in a recent...

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