BRAVR™ is for the coach that knows the mental game is the game.

Used by over 5,000 coaches and athletes around the country and by far our most popular tool, THE BRAVR™ is a 5 minute pre-practice mental warm-up designed to increase focus and motivation, improve performance and decreased stress.

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Are you sick of wasting practice time?

As a mental training coach, I've spent over two decades not only teaching but also LISTENING. And what I hear from coaches is that they routinely spend the first 20 minutes of practice trying to get their athletes' heads 'right' (oftentimes in vain.)


Every practice = 20+ minutes wasted. Sound familiar?

Instead have:

  • Athletes focused from the first whistle.
  • Have a system to regularly practice deep breathing and visualization seamlessly into your practices...that your athletes actually enjoy. 
  • Teach your athletes mental skills that will benefit them in practice, in competition, and off the playing field.

Do all this with a simple 5 minute pre-practice warm-up. 

Get the BRAVR™ Method

"We do the BRAVR™ Exercise before every game and my athletes LOVE It. We started beating teams we never would have beat before. I can't tell you how much this exercise has helped our team. It's been a game changer for us."

Rick Payne
High School Girls Basketball Coach

What's Inside The BRAVR™?

  1. The Method: An overview of the BRAVR™ method with emphasis on how to use it as a pre-practice warm-up. You’ll want to take some time before you actually DO the BRAVR™ to make sure each step is set up ahead of time with your athletes.
  2. The Set Up: This is the breakdown of how to teach the BRAVR™ to athletes. It includes an introductory script for explaining the technique and printable worksheets for creating affirmations and reset words with your team.
  3. The Script: Here you’ll find a script to help you verbally lead athletes through the BRAVR™. Having a script is particularly helpful to use in the beginning, as the team learns the steps, and as you get comfortable leading it.
  4. The Sneak Peek: Love the BRAVR™? Want to take mental training to the next level and get your athletes to compete at their best consistently? We’ll give you a sample training of our popular course, Psychology of Competition™. This course will walk you through how to set up pre-competition, in-competition, and post-competition routines.
  5. The Cheat Sheet: This is a printable, one-page outline of the BRAVR™ with example affirmations, to display in your locker room.

    Bonus: Guided BRAVR mp3. Just press play! Available to download or through our mobile app. 
Where the BRAVR™ began...

I'm Lindsey. Founder of Positive Performance and The Mindset Coach Academy. I created the BRAVR™ after almost a decade as a professional basketball player and years working with other coaches and athletes on mental performance. They all wanted to be more mentally tough but didn't know where to start, they didn't have big budgets to hire sports psychologists and they had limited time. That's why I started creating tools that athletes and coaches could actually use on a random Tuesday afternoon to improve their mental game. I've seen the impact of simple, actionable, approachable, tools and The BRAVR™ is one of the best. 

"In two weeks I've already seen significant improvement in swimmer's focus, excitement, and purpose. Thank you so much!!"

Brie Taylor
Swim Coach, YMCA of Dane County

Give your athletes the focus, toughness and resiliency you all deserve.

Get the BRAVR™ Method for $39

  • Downloadable and printable worksheets to make implementation a breeze.
  • An overview of the BRAVR™ method in 5 steps with a printable one page CHEAT SHEET. 
  • A script to take the guess work out of HOW to teach this.
  • A Bonus Audio of the BRAVR. Just hit play on your mobile device as Lindsey walks you and your team how to do the BRAVR.
Get the BRAVR™ Method

No questions asked. Love it or return it. 


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