Bryan Price


Mental Training Expert & Certified Positive Performance Coach

Bryan's Philosophy

I specialize in working with high school and college athletes and coaches in a variety of sports to help them set and achieve goals, increase confidence and consistency, and get them to perform at their best when it matters the most.

Coaching Expertise

I specialize in working with teenage athletes in a variety of sports that are struggling with confidence, self-doubt and other mental challenges.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one performance and mental skills coaching (in person or over the web/phone) to unlock greatness and maximize your potential.

Team Coaching

One- and two-day workshops on mental skills to kickstart your season, provide a mid-season bump, or prepare for the postseason.

Biometric Feedback

See how your body reacts to personalized visualization exercises using heart rate variability training in our surround-sound “egg” chair.

Coaching Coaches

Are you a coach looking to incorporate mental skills into your program? Or looking to gain skills that will take you and your team to the next level?

"I have been playing competitive golf now for 8 years and within just a few sessions Dr. Price gave me a whole different outlook on the game. He has given me various mental strategies such as visualization, positive self-talk, and relaxation techniques that have helped me overcome many obstacles in my daily life and on the golf course. Working with Dr. Price has helped my play and mindset tremendously"

Mia Kness, All-Conference Division-I golfer, 2019 U.S. Women’s Amateur Qualifier

"Our 12 year old son began working with Dr. Price just a short time ago and we have already seen a huge boost in his confidence and attitude both on and off the field. From their first session, Dr. Price quickly connected with him on a personal level and made him feel very comfortable. We saw a change in him almost instantaneously. He got into the car after that session happier and more positive. He told us that, “Dr. Price understood him in a way that nobody ever has” and that he “just got him.” As his parents, this was music to our ears. He went to practice that night and played with a confidence that we haven’t seen in him in months. Since their initial session, they have been working on both mental and visual strategies that our son can use on a daily basis to help him calm his nerves before a game, play with confidence, and be the best player, teammate and person he can be. We truly believe that the mental skills that Dr. Price is teaching him are ones that he will be able to utilize not only on the field but in all aspects of his life for a long time to come! "

Amie Keegan, mother of Robbie Keegan, Development Academy soccer player

"Bryan really understands the importance of mental training in order to reach your greatest potential. He has been an active member of our golf team since February 2019 - both in team sessions and individual sessions. He cares about his athletes and has played a key role in our success thus far. We look forward to continue our relationship with Bryan and to bring the team to new heights."

Coach Natalie Desjardins, Head Women’s Golf Coach, Seton Hall University

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