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Mental Training Expert & Certified Positive Performance Coach

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My passion lies in helping athlete tap into their unlimited potential. I do this by first removing the belief that they 'need fixing'. Instead, I teach them to focus on the knowledge already inside them using modalities such as hypnosis, breathing, positive self-talk, mindfulness and imagery work among others.


Coaching Expertise

I specialize in working with teenage athletes in a variety of sports that are struggling with confidence, self-doubt and other mental challenges.

1:1 Coaching with Athletes

In person or over the phone, I work with athletes all over the country to unlock their potential. 

Online Course Access

As a Positive Performance Mental Training Coach, I have full access to online courses for your athletes continuing growth. I will assign course material based on my evaluation. 

Certified Coach

I've gone through a 6 month training program with Positive Performance learning about all 8 of their mental training techniques to use with your athlete. 

Team Workshops

I do workshops for teams, clubs and athletic departments involving coaches, administrators, athletes and parents. Contact me to design your customized training. 

"I cannot tell you how much Lindsey helped my daughter become not only a better soccer player but a more centered, calmer, happier young woman. If you get the chance to work with Lindsey, take it!"

Jackie S.





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