Lisa Grefe


Mental Training Expert & Certified Positive Performance Coach

Lisa's Philosophy

I teach my athletes how to unleash the power of their minds using my proven Embrace the WAVE athlete development system. You will learn a set of tools that will propel you forward in your sport, master your emotions, and build your confidence. I've helped numerous athletes in my coaching career and it would be an honor to work with you.  


After your injury, you've been cleared to go back to your sport.  You are training, competing, and still struggling.  Maybe you don't feel like you are performing your best. Your confidence is down.  You are still dealing with the mental blocks of your injury.  It's time to leave your old goals in the past and try something new. Click here for a free downloadable audio training from Lisa.  

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Coaching Expertise

Lisa has a passion for psychology, coaching, and leadership and completed her Masters in Psychology, specializing in Athletic Counseling, along with a Masters in Leadership Development. Lisa has worked in athletics for over 15 years, focused on the personal development and well being of the athlete on and off the field of play. Lisa was also named the All Iowa Girls Soccer Coach of the Year in 2017.

1:1 Coaching with Athletes In Person Or Virtual

I work with athletes all over the country to clear their mental blocks, build confidence, and teach them the necessary tools that will help them be successful in their sport and life.

Online Course Access

As a Positive Performance Mental Training Coach, I have full access to online courses for your athletes continuing growth. I will assign course material based on my evaluation. 

Leadership/Captain Development

Lisa will design and deliver a custom group coaching program for your captains and future team leaders.   This can be done virtually over Zoom.

Certified Coach

I’ve gone through a 6-month training program with Positive Performance.  Utilizing specific mental training techniques, I will transform how you prepare, train, and compete for your sport. 

""I had knee surgery in the spring of my freshman year.  I struggled a bit with my recovery and was nervous to come back in the fall because I wasn't sure if Iwould be 100%. I just wanted to be the goalkeeper I was before surgery.  Lisa helped me focus on the small victories. We also talked about my frustrations and worked on positivity.  She helped me become more relaxed at practice and the more we worked on positivity and visualization my confidence grew.""

College Athlete

""Lisa has an unique ability to connect with athletes when they are at their most vulnerable and lift them up to new heights. With her vast experience as an athlete, coach, and mindset coach, and through her own personal successes and challenges, she brings the total package to those that are lucky enough to work with her. If you get the chance to work with Lisa, TAKE IT and get ready to push yourself to a new level". "

Lindsey Willson
Lindsey Wilson, Founder of Positive Performance

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These sessions are particularly useful for parents and athletes ready to move to the next step and learn more about my coaching process, in addition to clarifying your challenges and goals.


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