Improve mental toughness, leadership and team culture..

In a simple, fun, workshop based training designed for teams that want to lay a foundation of mental toughness. Don't reinvent the wheel. Use a proven system of mental training resources and tools to maximize your mental game. 



"Team Culture is built every day in the small things we do: what language we use, our behaviors, how we build trust. Teams and players have to be willing to do the heavy lifting. It's not easy but it's worth it. "

Courtney Thompson
Olympic Volleyball Player

Create a TEAM

With 10 workshops on various topics, you get our full blueprint of team bonding, mental training, accountability, leadership and more in one easy-to-implement package. Mental Huddles are the glue to building a cohesive, supportive, and communicative team. They are a must for teams that want to improve communication, team culture, or for teams undergoing change such as new athletes or a new coach. Identify growth opportunities, learn to overcome mental roadblocks, and reinvigorate passion for the sport.


Coaches tell us all the time that our Mental Huddles were their favorite part of our full online training. They tell us that their athletes LOVED them. So we decided to offer them as a stand-alone product! Each huddle is a team exercise, designed to initiate change in a number of different aspects of training and phases of the athletic career. The huddles can be done in any order, and can be led by the coach or athlete. These huddles address mental challenges that virtually all athletes and teams face at one point or another, and build team strategies for overcoming them.

  • A step-by-step workshop game plan. Get practical tools, exercises, and knowledge.
  • Leadership development. Empower your athletes with opportunities to lead discussion. 
  • Fun activities.  Let's be honest,  no one wants to be lectured. Interactive activities that build trust and self-awareness are the backbone of this training. 
  • Learn how the mind works and how to proactively nurture a competitive mindset.
  • Mental exercises & tools that are used to quickly use to overcome mistakes and failure.
  • Open community and Q&A areas to get advice from the Positive Performance community.

Mental Huddle Program Overview

Mental Huddle #1: Growth Opportunity

What it is:  Athletes discuss (1) where in their sport they find the most challenge, (2) what they can do personally to work through that challenge, and (3) how teammates and coaches can assist them.

When to use it: This Huddle can be done at any time, but can be particularly helpful as a team is getting to know one another or when there are new members on the team, because it involves athletes sharing relevant information about themselves with others.

Mental Huddle #2: Physical Toughness

What it is: This Mental Huddle is all about the mental limits that exist when physical pain is reached.

When to use it: This exercise is recommended for use when there is a lot of strength and conditioning work being done or long practices being had. The Mind/Body Exercises in your Bonus Materials can be used around the same time as the Huddle.

Mental Huddle #3: Passion

What it is: This Mental Huddle reminds athletes why they love their sport and reawakens their passion for competition.

When to use it: This Mental Huddle was developed for that time during the season or off-season when everyone is sort of tired of each other—tired of travel, tired of their sport, tired of the constant interaction. They need a little passion, they need to be reminded why they love playing, competing, and training.

Mental Huddle #4: Motivation

What it is: A frank discussion on motivation, failure, goals, and success.

When to use it: Motivation is applicable all the time, so pay attention to the pulse of your team and use this Mental Huddle when you see practices or off-season training sessions where athletes don’t seem to be ‘into it’, or when the energy level in the team just doesn’t seem very high.

Mental Huddle #5: Self-Talk

What it is: An exercise that challenges athletes to pay attention to their negative self-talk and alter it so that the language they use is more productive.

When to use it: This is a great one to do anytime, as most athletes can always improve and work on their self-talk.

Mental Huddle #6: Vision Board

What it is: An exercise that encapsulates visual reminders of goals.

When to use it: This is a great Huddle to apply during off-season/pre-season, when athletes and teams are creating their goals and vision for the upcoming year. This is a really fun exercise, so it can be thrown in to mix things up a bit. (Special Consideration: Be sure to look over the supplies needed for this Huddle! Also, normally this Mental Huddle takes a bit longer than the others, so plan on plenty of creative time when planning to do this Huddle.)

Mental Huddle #7: Expand Limits

What it is: A challenge for athletes to stop making excuses, realize where they are limiting themselves, and how they can break through to another level.

When to use it: This is a great Mental Huddle for any time, as we all can take some time to reflect on where and how we are limiting ourselves. Particular times to use this Huddle is during the season when you and your team need a little pick me up or in the off-season, when training sessions are monotonous.

Mental Huddle #8: What Not To Do

What it is: An honest discussion on what mental toughness looks like and where athletes can improve in this regard.

When to use it: This is great to implement as official practice is beginning and athletes are getting focused on the year ahead.

Situational Mental Huddles

Mental Huddle #9: The Valley

What it is: A way to reset a team when they are in ‘The Valley” a low point during the season.

When to use it: During a lull in the season, in particular when there have been multiple losses or bad performances.

Mental Huddle #10: Team Sleep Challenge

What it is: A challenge to improve performance by purposely getting more and higher quality rest.

When to use it: This is great for use during the season when your athletes are tired from playing and travel. Sleep might not be an issue for EVERY athlete on your team, but chances are that most of your athletes can benefit from creating healthy sleep habits.



We encourage you to complete these Mental Huddles in the order relevant for you and your team. You don’t need any special training or fancy equipment to complete these exercises (occasionally a way to play videos and/or a whiteboard). All you need is a commitment to making your athletes better, on the playing field and off. Most teams commit to a single day each week – “Mental Mondays”, for example – where they sit down for approximately 30 minutes and complete the exercises listed on a single Mental Huddle card.


We offer you four free samples of units from two of our full mental toughness trainings, Competition Mastery and Mastering Your Self-talk.

Plus, Additional Resources not available in any of our other trainings. 

Mind/Body Exercises Guide

Pre-Competition Highlight Reel worksheet

Mistake Ritual Exercise Worksheet

15 Things Mentally Tough Athletes Do Cheat Sheet




Guided visualization is a program of directed thoughts and suggestions that guide your imagination toward a relaxed, focused state. Using our audio and visual guides, we help you through this process. In this program, you'll get 4 mp3s to listen to so your athletes can make changes on a deep level.

1. Rest & Recovery

2. Progressive Relaxation

3. Control

4. Self- Talk

Plus 2 Limited Time Bonuses

Act now and you will also get these fast action bonuses - a $200 value, completely for free!


How to overcome the top 3 mental training challenges E-book is our newest resource from Positive Performance. Not available yet for the public, this guide is designed as a quick start guide for any coach with athletes struggling with inconsistency, unconfident athletes and nervous athletes. 


This is the best of the best of our training resources in a convenient 74 pages of jam packed material for coaches, including some topics that are not found anywhere else in our training such as overcoming the mental components of injuries, rookie woes and more. 

"As a coach, I care deeply about my athlete's performance but I care even more about them as young people. Positive Performance empowered my athletes with the POWER of their own mind…..there is no greater gift our staff could give them for tennis or for life. Bringing in Positive Performance was a no-brainer for our program."

Bob Dallas
Head Coach Dartmouth College


and get started with a complete, proven, simple system of mental training, leadership and team culture workshops.



Use with your entire team 

10 Workshops

Bonus material  

Lifetime use

Structured specifically for TEAMS



If you do the work and don’t get the value, then we don’t deserve your money, it’s just that simple.


       How does this work?

Once you purchase the Mental Huddle Foundational Program™, you'll get immediate access to our online library. Most coaches download the PDFs and then come up with a plan for implementing them once a week through the season- sometimes using the mental huddles themselves or the bonus materials such as guided visualizations. Log-in from your computer or mobile device.

How long do we have access to the training?

The online access is guaranteed for one year but the PDFs can be downloaded and used again and again. 

How do I know if my team is ready for something like this?

Mental Huddle Foundational Program™is a great start to mental training or a good way to bring more structure to your existing mental training. If your athletes are more advanced with their mental training you might want to consider one of our other trainings such as Mastering Your Self-Talk™ or Competition Mastery™. Many teams combine Mental Huddle Foundational Program™ with one or both of the above trainings.

For what age range and sport does this training work best?

Our online trainings are recommended for ages 13+ but we've had teams younger than that do Mental Huddle Foundational Program™ because there is so much coach involvement.. We’ve worked with athletes in a wide range of sports; from traditional team sports like soccer, basketball and softball to individual sports like track, swimming, tennis and rodeo. Regardless of your sport, these topics will be relevant.

We are in our off-season, will this training still help?

Absolutely, Mental Huddle Foundational Program™ is a training that can be done at any time of the year. The only potential limitation is whether you have time to get your team together to do parts of the training as a group.

I don't know if can justify the investment.

We haven’t had even one person come back that didn’t think this was worth every penny. As they say: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A reliable mental training system is a prerequisite for both immediate and long-term success. Also, I offer an ironclad 30-day money back guarantee with no hassles. Now you can be confident knowing your investment is protected. 

Does this count for CEUs?

We have had coaches submit it to their governing organization for credit. It is a training course designed to help you coach better so it SHOULD count as continuing ed but of course we can’t guarantee it will. We do have a course outline and course objective to make it easy for you to submit it for approval.

I'm not sure my athletes will buy into mental training. How can I know for sure?

The short answer is you can't. But coaches that dive into our trainings with confidence find their athletes follow their lead. One of the benefits of Mental Huddle Foundational Program™ is that it it's team based so there are all these ancillary benefits: leadership, team building, bonding, communication. Teams love that aspect of it and it ends up being a really fun experience for everyone.


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