Meredith Brick


Mental Training Expert & Certified Positive Performance Coach

Meredith's Philosophy

My passion lies in helping athletes tap into their unlimited potential. I do this by first removing the belief that they 'need fixing'. Instead, I teach them to focus on the knowledge already inside them using modalities such as hypnosis, breathing, positive self-talk, mindfulness and imagery work among others.

Coaching Expertise

I specialize in working with teenage athletes in a variety of sports that are struggling with confidence, self-doubt, and other mental challenges.

1 on 1 Coaching

I work with athletes, beginner to elite, to help develop clarity in the direction they want to go with their sport and how they plan to get there. In-person or remotely, I will teach your athlete the tools they need to develop their confidence and focus on who they wish to become in their sport and life.

Online Course Access

As a Mental Training Coach affiliated with Positive Performance Training™, I have access to online courses that are assigned according to each athlete’s needs. Course material includes Competition Mastery™, Mastering Self-Talk™, and the Mental Huddles Foundation™.


I offer workshops for teams, coaches, and parents to inform and teach about the fundamentals of mental training and strengthening team chemistry. Through these workshops, everyone can learn the tools necessary to create a productive and resilient team environment where all members are accountable for their performance.

"We expected great one-on-one training and growth on the field.....little did we know the larger impact this program would have on our daughter. The game is a physical and mental journey and we often overlook the mental demands on athletes. Our expectations were met and exceeded! The mental tools taught are things in which she will practice in a life-long setting. She uses these tools to empower herself. She has been equipped with the knowledge to address her inner struggles."

Dana Goosen - Parent

"I expected athletes to increase their knowledge about how their mental thoughts affect their physical play. My athletes learned how to speak more positively to themselves and to their teammates [through training with Brick Wall Training]. They learned how to frame thoughts in their head to be more positive and how to turn those thoughts into action. We learned how to journal, meditate, and different goal-setting techniques."

Lauren Robb, Head Women’s Soccer Coach - William Woods University

"We expected Lason to learn fundamental [goalkeeper] skills needed to understand the position better. We learned drills to keep working on skills, we saw a huge boost in his confidence during game situations. He showed growth in his aggressiveness which is from training and learning how to stand, where to stand, diving, and the key fundamentals. Thank you for teaching through patience and high expectations!"

Brittney Thompson - Parent

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