The Mindful Competitor Project™

A Positive Performance Online Course 

Increase your performance with these 5 simple and effective mindfulness tools. Designed for athletes and coaches to learn and implement a consistent mindfulness practice.


A Stronger Mind Comes From Strengthening The Mind

You already know the mind is important. But how does one TRAIN the mind to work for you instead of against you? With a proven, simple system of mindfulness exercises. Train the mind with the same consistency and dedication you give the body. 


What Is The Mindful Competitor Project?

The solution is simple. It takes discipline and commitment but the path forward is clear: TEACH YOUR ATHLETES MINDFULNESS.

What Is Included:

  • 6+ videos designed to teach you how and why mindfulness is  game changer for competitors.
  • 5 downloadable guided meditations to take with you in the gym, bus, weight room, home.
  • Bonus #1: A FREE E-book of our Mental Toughness Best Practices- 79 pages of the same principles Lindsey uses when coaching teams, 1:1 individuals and athletic departments.
  • Bonus #2: A sample of our popular Mental Huddle Foundational Program workshop guides (a $399 training).
  • Bonus #3: The Mind/Body Exercise Guide to bring this training into your every day routine
  • Use with your entire team! This training is specially licensed to use with your team. No other training will give you this much value for the price. Normally our team trainings are $899-$9500. 
Lindsey Wilson, Founder Positive Performance

Lindsey Wilson draws from 15 years as a mindset coach and nearly a decade of experience competing professionally to create mental training programs that are relevant, impactful, and attainable for athletes. She draws real-world wisdom from her relationships with some of the top trainers and athletes in her field, her hypnosis training, and her understanding of team chemistry and leadership. She backs this up with years of training and experience in the areas of mental performance training.

"The greatest thing we can do as athletes and as people is work to become the best that we can be... And mental training is CRITICAL. Positive Performance has me walk into each competition knowing that I'm prepared to the best of my abilities, and that's where confidence comes from. Their training has helped me stay focused, stay positive, and keep a clear head through failure and success, and continues to help me do my best one day at a time."

Courtney Thompson
Olympic Volleyball Player

Why Mindfulness? 

Because physical training can only take you so far. The best athlete know that the muscle between their ears is the most important one to train.  Get YOUR mind optimized so you can compete at your best. Here's what the research tell us about how mindfulness can help: 


As an athlete, stress is important! We need stress to grow and compete at our best. The problem is that we often have too much stress in the wrong way. Reduce overall stress so you can use stress effectively as a competitor. 


Learning to connect with your breath allows you to control the fight or flight response (see reducing stress) but it also allows you to practice thinking of ONE thing (and choosing what that one thing is). How often would that be useful in competition? How often do your athletes get thrown off, thinking of something that isn't helpful. 


How often do your athletes react to something you or a teammate or referee says or does? How often do they rush when playing or competing. How helpful would it be for them to be able to slow down and think clearly? 


From a practical standpoint athletes SHOULD have great body awareness but often we don't take the time to really stop and feel our bodies. This can be helpful in our sport but also in recovery, injury prevention and general well being. 


What does this have to do with sports? Every team and relationships can benefit from compassion and understanding but self-compassion, or rather the lack of, is often a huge barrier for athletes improvement. They can be so hard on themselves that they completely avoid failure by not striving for new levels. 


This is probably the biggest benefit to mindfulness for an athlete. We all want to control everything and when we can't, this creates tension. This is distracting, exhausting, and takes energy away from passion, competitive fire, and effort. When athletes are able to play fully in the present, they find a freedom that is addictive. 

Plus 3 Limited Time Bonuses

Act now and you will also get these fast action bonuses - a $200 value, completely for free!


Take mental training and physical training to the next level by combining both into exercises that are helpful and productive to both the mind and the body. Use this simple guide to optimized your training with 6 different techniques. 


This is the best of the best of our training resources in a convenient 74 pages of jam packed material for coaches, including some topics that are not found anywhere else in our training such as overcoming the mental components of injuries, rookie woes and more. 


One of our most popular trainings is our 10 DIY mental huddle workshops that teams do together. You'll get 2 samples of the 10 we do with teams (normally $399). Athletes LOVE these and they provide insight, team bonding, and leadership opportunities in fun, useful workshops.


Get a system that works at an affordable price. Plus, for this limited time special offer get all 3 bonuses for free.



Lifetime Access

Use With Your Entire Team

Mobile Access for On-The-Go Mindset Training 

Bonus #1: Mind Body Exercises Guide (Not for sale)

Bonus #2: Mental Toughness Best Practices Guide ($49 value)

Bonus #3: 2 Mental Huddles (from our $399 training)


"As a coach, I care deeply about my athlete's performance but I care even more about them as young people. Positive Performance empowered my athletes with the POWER of their own mindโ€ฆ..there is no greater gift our staff could give them for tennis or for life. Bringing in Positive Performance was a no-brainer for our program."

Bob Dallas
Head Coach Dartmouth College


How does this work?

Once you purchase The Mindful Competitor Project™, you will get access to the online course for one year. You can go through the training modules at your own pace. You’ll watch videos, read the content,, join the discussion, download supplemental materials, get your bonuses, listen to the guided meditations, and go through the entire course all on your personal, confidential account. It takes about 2 hours total to complete the course but we recommend breaking it up into 20-30 minute chunks. Log-in from your computer or mobile device.

How long do we have access to the training?

We understand that life happens, and that just because you enroll today that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to finish (or even start) the training this week. And that’s ok! The license is for an entire year, so take your time... even come back and redo modules later on.

Will my team be able to use these tools?

Yes,  this training is licensed for you to use with your team- have them watch the videos and do the guided visualizations all together. We do recommend you go through it yourself first. 

For what age range and sport does this training work best?

The training is recommended for ages 13+ though we've had younger athletes go through our trainings. We’ve worked with athletes in a wide range of sports; from traditional team sports like soccer, basketball and softball to individual sports like track, swimming, tennis and rodeo. Regardless of your sport, working on your mindfulness will benefit your program.

We are in our off-season, will this training still help?

Absolutely.  The only potential limitation is, if you are team, can you get together to do part of the training as a group. Group training is not a necessity, however, if you are a team, we do recommend it.

I don't know if can justify the investment.

We haven’t had even one person come back that didn’t think this was worth every penny. As they say: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A reliable mental training system is a prerequisite for both immediate and long-term success. Also, I offer an ironclad 30-day money back guarantee with no hassles. Now you can be confident knowing your investment is protected. 

Does this count for CEUs?

We have had coaches submit it to their governing organization for credit. It is a training course designed to help you coach better so it SHOULD count as continuing ed but of course we can’t guarantee it will. We do have a course outline and course objective to make it easy for you to submit it for approval.


Get a system that works at an affordable price. Plus, for this limited time special offer get all 3 bonuses for free.



Lifetime Access

Use With Your Entire Team

Mobile Access for On-The-Go Mindset Training 

Bonus #1: Mind Body Exercises Guide (Not for sale)

Bonus #2: Mental Toughness Best Practices Guide ($49 value)

Bonus #3: 2 Mental Huddles (from our $399 training)



If you do the work and don’t get the value, then we don’t deserve your money, it’s just that simple. (*Must notify us within 14 days of purchase.)


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