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Confidence Is A Mindset. 

It’s common for athletes to believe that confidence comes as a result of success. But in order to grow our confidence MUST be shaken. So what to do then?

 Ultimately, confidence is a mindset. And, as you might have guessed, your mindset can be trained. 

Confidence isn’t something that happens to us, it’s something we choose to invest in.

This toolbox will help your athletes build real, bulletproof, lifelong confidence that is based on internal belief and self-alignment, not on conditions or ego. The habits taught in this toolbox will rewire the mindset of your athletes and teach them that THEY are in control of how they perceive themselves. This knowledge will then lead them to believe in themselves on a deeper level so they can 'go for it' on the playing field and off. 

Signs Your Athlete May Be Struggling With Low Confidence

Self-deprecating or humiliated when they perform poorly.
Heavy focus on the outcome, even if they performed well.
Appear emotionally unstable or even frantic during competition.
Indirectly or directly ask for a lot of positive reinforcement.
Speak negatively about themselves and in absolutes. (i.e. "I just suck at that" or "I always mess that up"). 
Put their failure on other people, i.e. “The ref made a bad call”or “I would have made the shot if you had done your job”
Avoid challenge for fear of failure.
Afraid to set big goals or any goals at all.
Not believe in themselves enough.
Unrealistically hard on themselves.


Sound familiar? Here's where to start...


Mastering Your Self-Talk

Mastering Your Self-Talk is our popular online training, designed to combat performance-limiting tendencies, reinstate ownership over self-image, and reinforce confidence, stability, and success in sports and life.

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Resources to help your athletes build true internal confidence.

When you're ready to help your athletes build impenetrable confidence, based on a growth mindset and positive internal beliefs, not on fragile ego, our confidence toolbox is here. 

4 Quick Hits For Confidence

Former professional basketball player and mental training coach, Lindsey Wilson, introduces you to the 4 practical tools for developing lasting confidence. This is a FREE download-able training exercise to use immediately with your athlete.


Good reads about how to build bulletproof confidence

These articles will help you teach your athletes the difference between conditional confidence and true internal confidence.


The Thoughts That Keep You Small

We all have thoughts that keep us small; even those of us who look like we have it all together. And we can’t overcome them until we name them. Download your free worksheet!

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8 Ways to Harness Your Inner Power

We compiled 8 tips from a mindset coach to help you harness your inner power. Harnessing your inner power is so rewarding, and is an ongoing practice that takes time and intention.

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The Top 5 Reasons to Visualize (w/ Scientific Proof)

Visualization helps program the subconscious brain to be successful. Here are the 5 reasons you should start practicing visualization today.

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Podcast episodes all about confidence building

Enjoy this sampling of The Mindset Coach Academy podcast episodes on building true internal confidence — from taking big bold action to bravery to raising your vibration and so much more. All in podcasts you can take on the go. 


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