Are You Ready To Play Bigger In Your Life?

Of course you are. That's why you are here...

Introducing The Life Mindset™ Coaching Program

An 6 week small group coaching program for tough, driven individuals who want to master their mindset and optimize their life.


I love being coached. LOVE. I love having someone who supports me, tells me I can do anything, corrects things so I can get better. But mostly, I love someone who holds the mirror up and says, ‘Look. LOOK. You are SO much better than this. Get your shit together.” 

It’s not comfortable. Of course it’s not. But how can we possibly get better without that? 

I was used to having that in sports. I NEVER would have played at the professional level without it. 

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that I should take that same principle and apply it to my life. 

People like you and I don’t need coaching for discipline. Never have. But to have someone in your corner that makes you, even forces you to get to the level you were always meant to get to?

Priceless. That's what this program is all about. 

We doing this? 


How Do We Create Massive Change In Your Life?

It's simple. In 3 steps, you learn to create shifts from the inside out so you bring more of YOU to the world. We awaken that tough, athlete inside of you and take the relentless, driven, tough part of you out into the open.

Step 1: Tap Into Your Power

Tap into the enormous power that is you by removing the mental clutter and limiting thoughts that have held you back from playing bigger in your life. 

Step 2: Optimize Your Thoughts

Start training your thoughts to get what you want and deserve using self-hypnosis, visualization, mindfulness, breath work and more. 

Step 3: Create A System

Create the processes and routines to make lasting change and create flow. We'll set you up for success with daily and weekly mindset exercises.

"The growth that happens with Lindsey is hard to put into words. But here goes...the shell you've put around yourself busts completely open and everything you thought you were capable of is finally possible! We all have a precious and unique gift to give the world and this program will help you gain the confidence and self belief to step out and offer that gift. "

Coach Nikki Dieball
Assistant Volleyball Coach, Southern Nazarene University Director, RISE Volleyball Club, Positive Performance Certified Mindset Coach

What's the Next Level For You?

Just give me 6 weeks. 

I can change your life in 6 weeks. 

I can change your life in a day.

Because it’s not about me. It’s about you.

When you are ready to get to another freaking level in your life. When you are sick of this shit. Tired of not playing bigger. Tired of playing small. Tired of not being ALL OF YOU, you are ready. 

But you have to take action.

I don’t know if this coaching is the action you need to take. But I DO KNOW, the people that are coming with me are doing the dang thing.

Let’s do this. IT’s time.

It’s past time.

6 weeks. 3 Phases. 1 massive shift in your life. Join the waitlist.

"From day 1, Lindsey believed in me more than I believed in myself. Simply put, she gives you the steps to make the mindset shifts you need in order to become your best possible self. She will challenge you and hold you accountable but will also be your #1 fan. If you feel like you could be more and you want more out of your life, I would jump on this opportunity to join this group. It has changed my life in incredible ways! "

Amy Holt Oliphant
Triathlete & Founder of Transcend Mental Training

What Our Students Say ...

Hear what this program has meant to our students


Because you were meant for more.

You weren’t meant to be on the B-Team. Junior Varsity was never the end game. You, my friend wanted more. And you probably did it, in sports. You pushed yourself. You willed yourself to greatness. Sure you had setbacks. An injury. That last push that didn’t get you quite to the level you wanted. But you were in the arena. Pushing yourself to new levels. When things were tough, you got tougher. When you struggled, you got back in the gym. Now it’s time to do it in your life.



The timing isn't ideal for me, will this be offered in the future?

The honest answer is we don't know. This is the first time we've offered this training as a stand alone training and because of that it is significantly less money than when/if we launch it again. 

If I want to do the full certification at some point, shouldn't I just wait and do that?

It's up to you. We are offering this as stand alone training for people that may never need the full certfication but ALSO for people that want to get started on being a mindset coach NOW either because they don't want to wait for the full certification to open or they want to start with a smaller investment. Some of the material will be repeated but it's things you will benefit from doing again. (Also 1/2 of your tuition to this program can be used as a credit towards the next full certification). 

What is the investment in the program?

The Early Bird pricing is $997 if you pay in full or 3 payments of $397.  

Is this just for coaches? 

Most people that work with us are coaches but all have a sports background or at least THINK like an athlete- they are competitive and driven and want to be pushed. If that's you, come on then!

Are there refunds?

No. This is a limited group and we are all in. However, our promise to you is this: If you show up and do the work, you can come back and take the course again in the next year if you feel you need it. 

I'm super busy, what is the time commitment?

We meet 1x week for 1.5 hours on zoom. You'll have homework in between that time approximately 1-2 hours/week. There is no busy work, this is all self-reflective mindset work on YOU.  

I'm scared to spend money/my spouse doesn't want me to. How can I justify the cost? 

Fear is normal, of course. But the real question is, are you ready to step up? Because if you are, this program will pay for itself in increased productivity, focus, and fulfillment. If you aren't, you shouldn't do it.

4 figure investments are NOT a small amount, but we can also so easily spend that money on things that don't allow us to be our best. This is an investment in YOU, which is the most valuable asset you own. 

Okay, I want in, what's the next step?

Simply click join the waitlist for first access or if it's open, enroll now.  

I know I want in now, can I just enroll?

No, but if you join the waitlist you'll get an email as soon as enrollment opens.  


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Change Your Mindset, Optimize Your Life.

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